What is the worst cat food

15 out of 33 cat food products bad : Does not come in the bowl!

Eva Longoria can't imagine anything better than pampering her cat. At least that is what the cat food brand Sheba wants to make cat lovers believe with their latest advertisement, in which the US actress appears. In the company's commercials, young women have always served food for their house tigers - with as much dedication as if they were working in a star restaurant.

After all, cats are considered the gourmets among pets, and the variety of food is correspondingly large. According to the industry association for pet supplies, Germans spent around 1.54 billion euros on cat food in 2012, including more than one billion euros on moist food.

Only three chucks "very good"

The Stiftung Warentest examined 33 of these moist food and announced the results on Thursday: three are "very good" (Kaufland, Kitekat, Lidl), four are "good" (Sheba, Hill’s, Edeka, Purina). However, the testers gave a total of 15 times the grades "sufficient" or even "poor" (Activa, Animonda, Felix, Royal Canin, Terra Faelis, Defu).

The pivotal point are the nutrients contained in the feed. All of the feeds examined were complete feeds. "This term means that everything the cat needs must be in the food," explains Jürgen Zentek, head of the Institute for Animal Nutrition at the Department of Veterinary Medicine at the Free University of Berlin. The consumer expects his cat to be “completely supplied with the food, to stay healthy and to grow old”.

However, consumers cannot rely on this for many products. According to Stiftung Warentest, they are not balanced, the amounts and combinations of minerals, vitamins and other nutrients are not ideal. The 15 worst-rated foods could even make you sick in the long run, writes the magazine test.

Good feed doesn't have to be expensive

It is also noteworthy that the last three - including the Royal Canin brand - are among the most expensive products. As is so often the case, the price says nothing about the quality. The food from the test winner K-Classic (Kaufland) costs less than a tenth of the bottom-best Defu per daily ration, which is an organic product from Demeter.

The impression that cats are particularly picky about food is not entirely wrong: "Cats are extremely individualistic," confirms Zentek, "many are unbelievably influenced by certain tastes." If your cat's favorite food has now been rated poorly: Getting used to other food is difficult, but possible. Maybe it will help to arrange the food à la Longoria.

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