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Jammu and Kashmir & Himachal Pradesh, India

The three regions Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh, all of which are located in the northernmost state of India "Jammu and Kashmir", can be viewed as three "independent" areas due to their different languages, religions, culture and traditions.

The region "cashmere"is part of the bone of contention between Pakistan, India and China in the disputed conflict region. But this area of ​​India is also fine Handicrafts, exciting Traditions and breathtaking Landscapes embossed.

Jammu in the south - located in a lowland - hardly differs from neighboring Punjab. Further to the northeast you will find the first mountain ranges with peaks up to 2,000m and green, fertile valleys, which are criss-crossed by beautiful rivers.

The one further north Pir Pinjal mountain range (up to 5,000m high peaks) borders on the productive high valley of Kashmir, which is heavily used for agriculture.

In addition to these cultivated areas, you will also discover cedar forests, pine forests, rhododendrons, walnut trees and fragrant meadows. The Kashmir Valley follow the headquarters Himalayas with remote villages and arid valleys.

Alpine vegetation, characterized by extreme cold and drought, prevails in the upper Indus valley, in which the capital of Ladakhs (Leh) is also located. The glaciers of the Karakoram (huge fresh water reserves) are already controlled by Pakistan.

Jammu and Kashmir

The winter capital of the state "Jammu", the gateway to it Kashmir Valley presents itself with a few sights and is an excellent starting point for excursions into the attractive surroundings. It's worth that Lakes of Kashmir to visit. Enjoy your stay on a rented houseboat on Wuler Lake or marvel at the lilies and lotus flowers of the Manasbal Lake. The Kashmir Valley is an ideal starting point for trekking and mountain tours

Himachal Pradesh

South of the state "Jammu and Kashmir"lies the state"Himachal Pradesh"with exotic valleys, wonderful forests, crystal clear streams and winter sports opportunities in the mountains. But the mild summer air also attracts leisure and adventure travelers to the region. The landscape turns into a lush green during the rainy season (monsoon). In the southern part of Himachal Pradesh the north Indian plain extends into it.

A dream destination in Himachal Pradesh is the well-known Kulu Valley. Almost every village in the valley has its own peculiarity to come. In Kulu you should visit the Dussehra festival in spring in Manikaran lie hot springs and in Catrain you can fish wonderfully. In Himachal Pradesh offer themselves from May to the end of October Trekking tours of all levels of difficulty.

Have fun and lots of impressions on your trip to the north of India!

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Basic holiday information

Always treat locals with due respect. Pay attention to regional traditions.

Travel conscientiously: The CO2 emissions of the flight can be ironed out, for example at myclimate from Switzerland. Reduce your water needs (e.g. with fewer showers). Avoid unnecessary plastic waste. Support small businesses instead of large entrepreneurs.

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