Why is my cockatiel chirping

Cockatiel screams and screams and screams.

Your cockatiel is brooding and would like to have offspring! This behavior is triggered by the weather, the food, and nesting opportunities. When it is brooding, cockatiels (especially the rooster) often become vocal and even aggressive.

Make sure that your cockatiels are not fed too high-energy (fatty) food. It is best not to feed sunflower seeds and hemp at all because these seeds fuel the breeding instinct. You should also only feed fresh food such as fruit / vegetables / greens sparingly, because this also affects the friability. Because when the conditions for feed are ideal, the birds naturally want to breed. Therefore one should rather feed the birds with meager diet.

Also make sure that your nymphis have no nesting opportunities (and they are very inventive). Your birds should bathe a maximum of once a week, otherwise the breeding mood would also continue to be driven. A 12-hour night's sleep is also extremely important for the cockatiels! If the birds don't get enough sleep, they usually become intolerable. The 12-hour night's sleep worked wonders for my two cockatiels!

The weather also contributes to the fact that the birds "turn the wheel". But there is nothing you can do about it. I can understand how much your screaming nymphi annoys you, because my two cockatiels used to be just as bad. But when I took the measures outlined above to heart, my birds actually became much calmer. The night's rest for 12 hours in particular was quickly successful.