What are the benefits of leaving Facebook

Leave pro Facebook: "The most likely I am bored and annoyed"

Watching my own Facebook timeline confirms recent reports: Facebook is old hat. The social network is no longer of great importance for adolescents and young adults. This fact also reflects my own feelings towards the platform. Most likely I'm just bored and annoyed by Facebook.

Constant advertising

Bored of the same content over and over again, annoyed by the constant advertising and the inability to customize my timeline the way I want it. From my point of view, there are two reasons why I still have an account:

  • On the one hand, the platform has been easy to use up to now. The Facebook event calendar, for example, makes it easier to inform several people about an event at the same time and to plan it through. However, when you leave the platform in droves, such features are also dispensable - a social medium without the social aspect no longer has a right to exist.
  • Another reason that made me shy away so far was the ability to write to Facebook friends at any time. Like most users of the platform, I am not really "friends" with very few of my Facebook friends - the fact that I can communicate with my aunt from abroad with just one click makes the platform seem particularly practical. However, the question now arises for me, why do I need these options if I never use them anyway. In most cases, you are networked differently with those people who are really important in your own real life.

Then there is the controversy surrounding Cambridge Analytica. The company illegally obtained the data of 50 million Facebook users and used it to support Donald Trump with targeted advertising during the US presidential election campaign.

The fact that Facebook collects and uses data so aggressively has never been a secret. After all, the Group's business model is based on precisely such targeted advertising. The current revelations, however, are probably the ignition of the explosive that has been accumulating for years with the absolute knowledge of those involved. If the time has come to finally let a dead horse rest, it is now. (Muzayen Al-Youssef, March 21, 2018)