What equation is needed RF

Circular movements

Quantities for describing circular movements

In addition to the path speed, the following variables are used to describe a circular movement:

Orbital period T:

Time that the body needs for one revolution on the circular path (unit: )

Radius r:

Distance of the body to the center of the circular path (unit: )

Frequency f:

Number of revolutions in a certain time unit (unit )

The frequency results from the Reciprocal the period of circulation:

Example: If the cycle time is T = 0.2 seconds, then 5 cycles take place in one second - the frequency is therefore 5Hz:

Determination of the path speed

The following applies to the amount of the path speed of a uniform circular movement:

The distance that the body covers within the period T corresponds to this scope of the circle with radius r:U = 2π r.

This results in the Track speed

The path speed can also be expressed with the help of the frequency: