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The most important SEO trends 2020

Backlinking - Henriette Bode, Digital Content Marketer at 10xstudio.co

“Link building will also be essential for ranking in search engines in 2020 - because even Google itself confirms that link building is highly relevant for ranking in search engines. Without link building, no piece of content will land on Google's first search results page. Without this visibility on the first page, your content will simply not be noticed by your target audience.
Since Google introduced the Penguin Spam Filter in 2012, it is no longer possible to achieve good rankings through, for example, purchased links. The quantity of backlinks alone is therefore not decisive for a good ranking in search engines. Rather, the quality of the links is important. There are many reasons why backlinking should receive more attention than ever in 2020:

  • Links are the number 1 ranking factor for Google.
  • Links point to good content for search engines like Google.
  • Links create trust in the linked pages.
  • The qualitative number of backlinks on a page is an indication of the popularity and relevance of a page.

And that's what Google is all about: relevance. The search engine wants to offer its users as much relevance as possible. For 2020, the following applies: marketers should concentrate on relevant links, even if that means that they have fewer backlinks overall. Online marketers should pay attention to the domain rank of the linking page, because this usually provides information about how trustworthy the website is. The following applies: the higher the domain rank, the more link power.