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Catalog of fines: Accident - You can face these fines

You can find the current one here Catalog of fines accident 2021which defines the fines in a car accident.
These fines can threaten in the event of an accident:

A vehicle that has broken down is not properly secured and marked as a road block30 EUR
As a participant in an accident, the road traffic is not secured or, in the case of minor accidents, the car is not immediately put on the sidelines30 EUR
with property damage35 EUR
They removed traces of the accident, although the police have not yet been able to determine them30 EUR
You disappeared without permission from the location of the accident (according to ยง 142 StGB)3
Failure to provide assistance3Criminal offense under the StGB
In the case of negligent homicide3Criminal offense under the StGB
Negligent assault3Criminal offense under the StGB

Fine calculator in the event of an accident

Possible types of accidents: information & tips!

Various accident situations raise various questions. In our guides you will therefore find out how you can z. For example, behave correctly in the event of an accident involving dangerous goods, whether in the event of a rear-end collision with a fine as a result, the driver is always to blame, or how to manage an accident abroad. Now choose your topic:

Things to know about behavior at the scene of the accident & about claims settlement

Need to look for one Always call the police in an accident? How should you draw up an accident sketch and can you still have a total write-off repaired? You can find all the important information in the accident guides at Now choose your topic:

Car breakdown: what to do if your own vehicle breaks down?

It happens in traffic every now and then that the vehicle doesn't want it the way you do. Because the warning light on the petrol tank was ignored for too long or you wanted to wait for a cheaper petrol station, you get stuck. Or you suffer one Car breakdownwhich of course also leads to the vehicle breaking down. Often an empty or broken starter battery is the trigger for this, so it is advisable to use it to control frequently.

So if it actually came to a standstill through laziness or simply through misfortune, that is what counts Secure your car as soon as possible. However, you shouldn't act in a hurry and without your head, because this increases the risk of accidents as well as failing to secure the vehicle. Is it still possible to do it before the vehicle is completely inoperable on a shoulder or in a holding bay to direct one should do so. Those involved should secure the scene of the accident in such a way that they can do not endanger yourself.

The inmates themselves should get out of the vehicle carefully and leave the lane completely, at best behind a guardrail waiting for help. With regard to securing the car, you should remember that you do Warning triangle on country roads at about 100 meters and on motorways at least 150 meters away from the broken-down car. In addition, the hazard warning lights, if one is installed on the vehicle, must be switched on as quickly as possible. Otherwise it is possible turn on the direction indicator or to place a warning light next to the broken-down car. Is the vehicle direct after a curve to a standstill come, you should have another warning sign set up in front of the curveto give other vehicles sufficient advance warning.

If you secure that Vehicle does not turn off correctly and makes it recognizable as an obstacle, waits A fine of 30 euros on the driver.

Accident escape: These penalties threaten

If you get involved in an accident or if you are to blame for it, you definitely have to Remain at the scene of the accident for sufficient timeOtherwise, according to the StVO, you are guilty of unauthorized removal from the scene of the accident. You should stay there until you tell the other road user involved in the accident has disclosed his personal details. If the other driver is not at the vehicle at this time, you have to wait for him. The waiting period depends on the severity of the accident and is between one Quarter of an hour to more than two hours. However, if you commit the hit-and-run crime, up to three points in Flensburg.

However, if such a violation is considered a criminal offense, A hit and run can also be a penalty entail. This can take the form of a Fine or imprisonment respectively.

Accident escape for drivers during the probationary period

Novice drivers in their probationary period must be particularly careful in the event of an accident they are responsible for. Not just a lot of violationsthat could lead to an accident, such as driving after drinking alcohol, driving in the wrong direction on highways or motorways, or that Disregard of the right of way another road user with simultaneous danger pose a A violation An important point in the list of A violations is the escape from an accident. After all, the novice drivers should Take responsibility for your actionsif they have caused an accident.

In addition to the fine the trial period is automatically extended by two years. Participation in an advanced seminar is also prescribed, which consists of four 135-minute meetings. Registration for a such retraining shouldn't be missed, as one Exceeding the deadline of his driving license loses.

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Accident statistics: so many traffic accidents happen in Germany

Source of the infographic:

Involved in a bicycle accident? This is how you should act

Fortunately, in 2012 in Germany compared to the previous year slightly lessAccidents with bicycles in traffic take place. What is not so nice, however, is the fact that it is there far more cyclists with serious injuries of them came as late as 2011. In 2010 the number was the seriously injured already dropped to 515 road users, but then rose dramatically in 2011 to 655 seriously injured. The renewed increase to 684 seriously injured in 2012 is not that serious, but the absolute number is terrifying for some cyclists. There were also four more road fatalities than in the previous year, i.e. a total of 15 deaths.

You notice that Cycling in road traffic associated with a particular risk, as the number of personal injuries Accidents with cyclists are disproportionately high compared to personal injury in general traffic accidents on German roads. Oddly enough, there are not a lot of personal injuries in accidents involving electric cyclists. Of course, the high number of injured cyclists can be explained by the fact that they are not surrounded by a protective space like in a car. From a statistical point of view, therefore, a fatal traffic accident occurs more frequently among cyclists.

Despite the many personal injuries suffered by cyclists in traffic, one can not just the supposedly careless drivers blame it for it. Quite the opposite slightly more cyclists are responsible for accidents with vehicles. It is not particularly surprising that many of these people have caused accidents have not yet reached the age of 15.

Risk group: cycling children

Children can After all, risks are not that precise how adults assess, are easily distracted and have not yet had much experience in traffic. The traffic rules that children have with the so-called bicycle license You may have met in school either not taken very seriously or have already been forgotten.

At the Bicycle license In addition, it is not an official certificate and there is also no obligation the cycling test to drop at all or even to pass. As a responsible legal guardian, however, one should make sure that that the child passes this cycling test and at best you are reminded of important traffic rules again and again. The child should also be aware that not all road users drive carefully, so it should also keep an eye on the traffic itself. Furthermore, you should make it clear to the child that in the event of an accident, they will not get off as lightly as the driver, since they are ultimately not surrounded by any protection. Last but not least, the child should always be encouraged to do so Wear hard hat.

FAQ - Catalog of fines for accident

What criminal offenses are conceivable in connection with an accident?

A traffic accident can be accompanied by a number of criminal offenses that are sanctioned under the Criminal Code. These are, for example: hit-and-run, failure to provide assistance, negligent bodily harm or negligent homicide

How do road users have to behave if an accident occurs?

First of all, the scene of the accident must be secured, if possible, so that there are no secondary accidents. Therefore, drivers are obliged to always have a warning triangle with them.