How credible is the book of Thomas

That was the case with Thomas Middelhoff's book presentation

"I no longer have to be the most important person in the room," says Thomas Middelhoff about himself today. There is a lot in the sentence from the man's past, because he was used to being or wanting to be that person. Middelhoff, who once belonged to the most important German managers and was therefore called "Big T", and who then fell deep.

Because in November 2014 he was sentenced to three years' imprisonment without parole by the Essen regional court for embezzlement and tax evasion as head of Arcandor, was released two years later, ruined professionally and privately, and his health was impaired by a rare autoimmune disease that he was in custody developed.

On this Tuesday morning in the Berlin building of the Federal Press Conference, Middelhoff is once again the focus. It is not huge, the room in which he presents his new book, which bears the title “Guilty”. Rather manageable, a back room in the complex near the Reichstag. The federal press conferences are held here, but there are also regular presentations of all kinds, for which rooms can be booked.

Just like the press conference of Middelhoff and his publishing house Adeo, which publishes books on life support, family and faith and in which the book "Stand up to man" by Samuel Koch was published, who was killed by Turner at "Wetten, dass ..?"

Great media interest

Before the appointment begins, a few photos are taken, Middelhoff is sitting on the large staircase in the atrium. He is slim as ever, wears dark blue trousers and a white shirt, the top button of his shirt is open, the 66-year-old looks good, unlike after his discharge. Some camera teams are there, photographers and journalists, maybe two dozen people. Middelhoff, the former titan, still makes you curious, but he is no longer a mass attraction.