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Pellet boiler as a replacement for electric storage heating

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Hello heating friends

In the spring of last year we bought a single-family house in need of renovation, built in 1967. It is heated either via the 10kw electrical insert in the 1400lt storage tank, or by means of wood / coal in the water-bearing kitchen stove.
After the first electricity bill, the electrical appliance was immediately switched off and since then it has mainly been heated with wood / coal. (about 100kwh / day electricity consumption, and it wasn't really cold back then). In the meantime I heat with wood / coal, which basically works that way, but is probably also not cheap for reasons of efficiency. (In order to heat the tank from 30C to 80C while around 40kg of coal is still being burned daily after the furnace has been heated up, this at current outside temperatures of almost 0C.
My main problem: I hardly bring the tank up to temperature in the evening after work, especially when it gets later again. It is also not convenient to refill every half hour and the brown dust spreads throughout the house.

Now to my plan:
The kitchen stove is to be replaced by a pellet boiler in the basement. I want to connect this to the existing heating system and thus load the integrated 1400lt buffer. I would like to use it to prepare WWW in winter, WWWP with additional register is already available. The heating is currently distributed via radiators, in the distant future hopefully via FBH at some point. The boiler should be filled manually using bags.

Can the project work with the old heating system?
What power does the boiler need?
How (un) reliable are small pellet boilers now?

Greetings and thanks