When will the RCOM prices increase?

DDR4 RAM is getting more and more expensive - grab it now

Sebastian Schenzinger

16 GB of RAM is more expensive than it has been in a year. We analyze the price development of the most popular RAM kits with sizes of 8 GB, 16 GB and 32 GB as well as different clock rates and latencies.

EnlargeThe prices for memory are rising continuously.

Not only the prices for graphics cards and processors, but also for RAM have been rising continuously since around September 2020. There is no improvement in sight; the manufacturers are rather assuming a further increase in prices. We have analyzed the price development of 15 different RAM kits with varying memory sizes, clock rates and latencies and on average the prices are over 50 percent above the previous best price. The trend that we were able to identify at the beginning of the year continues to emerge. Prices are still not as high as they were in the last RAM crisis in 2018, but soon, as with CPUs and GPUs, demand is likely to exceed supply.

8 GB RAM for the multimedia PC

Most inexpensive ready-made PCs nowadays have 8 GB of RAM with a clock rate of 2400 MHz or 2666 MHz. Two 4 GB memory bars currently start at around 44 euros, which is a 55 percent surcharge compared to the low of 28 euros at the beginning of September 2020. If you want to go for a higher clock rate, you have to pay a good 49 euros for a kit with 3000 MHz or Expect a good 47 euros for a kit with 3200 MHz. Here the surcharge is 60 percent or 42 percent compared to last summer.

Do not buy any hardware at the moment! The reason




current price

Price on 01/27

Lowest Price


2x 4 GB

2400 MHz


44,99 €  

32,99 €

27,99 €


2x 4 GB

2666 MHz


43,49 €  

32,99 €

27,99 €


2x 4 GB

3000 MHz


49,10 €  

37,10 €

30,60 €


2x 4 GB

3200 MHz



38,10 €

33,00 €


16 GB RAM kits for the gaming PC

16 GB RAM kits are mainly used in gaming PCs. In most cases, finished PCs have built-in memory with 2666 MHz according to the specifications of the CPU manufacturer. The price for such a kit has risen in the last few months from 48 euros to almost 78 euros and thus by 62 percent. The price surcharge is even higher for two 8 GB RAM modules with 3000 MHz and 3200 MHz respectively, namely 75 and 63 percent respectively. For example, G.Skill Aegis DIMM Kit 16GB DDR4-3200 CL16, the most popular RAM kit in the price comparison, now costs 81 euros. The cheapest price in the course was 46.90 euros. The 16 GB variants with 3600 MHz are least affected by the price increases. Here the surcharge is "only" 24 percent. The kits with 4000 MHz also get off relatively well with a price increase of 24 percent.

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