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Roblox online platform: parents should know that

With around 120 million players per month, Roblox is one of the largest game platforms for children on the Internet. After Roblox found widespread use, especially in the USA, the game is now also used by many children in Germany. For parents who want to get an idea of ​​Roblox, we offer the most important information at a glance here.

How does Roblox work?

After logging into Roblox, which was kept very simple (only user name and password are required), you can choose between two game variants. Either one builds games himself in the "Roblox Studio", or one uses games made by other users were created.

Graphically, the entire Roblox universe is kept quite simple. The design is reminiscent of Lego figures. However, creating games in Roblox Studio is complex and requires training. Finished games can be played with relatively no hurdles, since they usually fall back on well-known game principles. According to the information provided by Roblox, users can currently go out over 50 million gamesSelect n.

Is Roblox suitable for children?

Although Roblox is designed specifically for children, there are some mechanics and content that are not child-friendly.

  • In Roblox there is no age limit. According to the terms of use, the legal guardian must agree to the creation of an account for all persons under the age of 18. It is not checked whether parental consent is actually given.
  • Roblox has a lot of games that have been created by other players. These Contents are only insufficiently checked. It is therefore easy to come across disturbing, racist, violent or otherwise harmful content.
  • The Preferences after registering with Roblox are unsafe for children and allow strangers to contact you via the chat function.
  • Roblox is free in the basic functions. There is one, however in-game currency called Robux. These Robux must be bought with real money. Almost all games encourage - sometimes more, sometimes less aggressively - to spend Robux.

How can you use Roblox more safely?

  • If parents set up an account with their child, they can go to the settings under the "Security" menu item a Enable account restriction. If the account restriction is active, only games that have been checked by Roblox can be started. The chat function is also deactivated. With the account restriction activated, only a very small number of games are available. On the direct purchase requests this setting has no influence.
  • In the settings under the menu item "Security", a Account PIN to be created. This prevents the child from revoking the account restriction. To set up an account PIN, parents first need their Link the email address to the account.
  • Discuss with children that they are do not reveal any personal details about yourself should. Neither in chat conversations nor in the self-presentation on your profile.
  • Teach children that many games have the goal Encourage players to purchase additional content. By using the fantasy currency Robux, which has to be bought for real money, it can be difficult to estimate the real costs.
  • In many games you come across offers that promise Robux. Make children aware of these offers Scams acts and one may not accept such offers under any circumstances.

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