What does enlightenment mean in the Bible

The path of enlightenment

The number of Buddhist communities in Germany is growing steadily and rapidly. Many are fascinated by the teachings of Buddhism, which are based on what the Indian prince Siddharta about 500 BC. Has taught. This man's title was Buddha, which means "the enlightened one". In the eyes of the Buddhists, he is the ideal of a perfect person who can show others the “path of enlightenment” and thus pave the way to happiness.

It is remarkable to hear what a former Buddhist had to say about the “path of enlightenment” after becoming a Christian: “That I could put my trust in a loving God changed my life. I left behind the burden of Buddhism: the constant struggle to earn merit for the next life. I now knew that God gave eternal life and that the price for my sins was paid - through Jesus. I could work for him and devote my whole life to serving him. But it was a service I volunteered, a love response to His gift of life. I no longer had to desperately try to improve my own destiny. I was also able to leave behind the superstitions of the country folk, the constant fear of the shadowy world of spirits with their lurking demons and the restless spirits of deceased ancestors ... It was as if I came out of a dark cave into the sunlight. I also knew that I could believe in Jesus as my Lord and Savior and I trusted him with my whole life. He is the only true God who gives me life and hope. Since that time my heart has been filled with joy and life has meaning again for me. He is truly the Prince of Peace. ”(Quoted from“ The tears of my heart ”by S. Himm).

Gerrid Setzer

Source: www.bibelstudium.de/articles/596