What Borders Arizona Arizona has worth visiting


The Colorado River and its tributaries (namely Little Colorado and Gila) have noticeably shaped the landscape in the US state of Arizona. Not only did they create the Grand Canyon, but they also feed the man-made lakes of Powell, Mead, Mojave, and Havasu. The horseshoe bend of the Colorado River, called "Horseshoe Bend", is also famous.

The Sonoran Desert is in the south of Arizona. It is not only home to the well-known saguaro cacti but also more animal and plant species than any other desert in the world. In the heart of the Sonoran Desert, visitors will find the “Organ Pipe” cacti, a charismatic symbol of the region. Also worth seeing are the Mojave and Chihuahua deserts.

Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park is around 5 hours' drive from Arizona's capital, Phoenix. The striking orange rock formations have become an integral part of numerous Wild West film productions.

Antelope Canyon is an admirable monument in northern Arizona - a cave-like passage carved out of the multi-layered sandstone by water and wind. Also worth visiting are Chelly Canyon, Petrified Forest National Park, Sunset and Meteor Crater, and Walnut Canyon National Monument.

For lovers of the American way of life, take note: Much of the historic Route 66 meanders through Arizona and you shouldn't miss visiting the typical American motels and diners.