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Video evidence in the Champions League: when does the VAR intervene?

The video evidence is supposed to make football fairer. The video assistant referee has been used in the Champions League since 2019. But when does the VAR intervene in the largest European club competition? We answer the most important questions.

"We are convinced that the system will add value to our competitions by providing matchmakers with useful support and thus reducing the number of wrong decisions," said Roberto Rosetti, UEFA's chief referee at the introduction.

SPOX answers the most important questions.

Video evidence in the Champions League: when does the VAR intervene?

The video evidence Only in the case of "obvious and game-changing wrong decisions", writes UEFA on its website and specifies four categories:

  • Gates
  • Penalty decisions
  • Direct red cards
  • Player mix-ups

In the case of "factual decisions" (e.g. offside positions, foul play inside or outside the penalty area), the VAR can inform the referee of the matter in question without the referee consulting the screen on the pitch area, but the final decision always rests with the referee.

"He does not intervene if there is no clear evidence that justifies the review of a game situation," said Rosetti. At the same time, the Italian admitted: "The VAR (Video Assistant Referee, d. Ed.) Is not perfect. There is always a person behind the screen, that is clear. We must continue to work to reduce the wrong decisions. "

Video evidence in the Champions League: Where is the VAR "basement"?

Unlike in the Bundesliga, there is no Cologne "basement". Instead, there will be a mobile OB van on the edge of the stadiums, in which a team consisting of a video assistant referee, his assistant and two replay operators will work.

Video evidence in the Champions League: What will happen to the goal line judges?

Due to the introduction of the VAR, additional assistant referees will no longer be used.

Video evidence in the Champions League: how are viewers informed?

"TV viewers will be kept informed by commentators and on-screen flashes during the review, and there will also be graphics on the stadium screens to inform fans of the decision made," said Rosetti. UEFA also states on its website that VAR reviews will also be communicated via loudspeaker announcements.

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