Blondes have to bleach their hair

Blond Forever: What You Need To Know When Lightening Your Hair

Blonde is one of the most popular hair colors. The light shade is also special. At least if it is not colored but naturally shines on the head. Because that is only the case for around two percent of the world's population. Fortunately, the rest of mankind does not have to do without blond hair - they can instead resort to coloring themselves or let the professional do it to lighten their hair. How can one of the brightest of all hair colors bring compliments and styling pleasure to you? Our tips will help.

Find the right shade of blonde

Those who opt for blonde hair can choose between a number of nuances. With this choice, the personal skin color plays a decisive role. Warm skin types like cool nuances such as ice blonde, silver blonde or platinum blonde. Women with a cool complexion, on the other hand, look for warm blonde tones such as golden or honey blonde.
Whether you tint, dye or bleach your hair in order to lighten it is ultimately also decided by your original hair color. Bleaching removes color pigments from the hair - perfect for anyone who wants to switch from dark to light hair. Because: You cannot lighten the hair with a coloration. A coloration smuggles color pigments into the hair to change the color. Coloring or tinting the hair in shades of blonde can only be done by women who already have blonde hair. In the case of tinting, the pigments only accumulate on the surface of the hair. It is therefore not as intense and long-lasting as bleaching or coloring and gradually fades with every hair wash.

Lighten the hair properly

In general, if you want to switch from very dark hair to blonde, you should have your hair done by a professional. In this way, unwanted color surprises can be avoided. In some cases it is also advisable to lighten the hair in several steps. As a result, the mane is not stressed as much.
In order not to look like Barbie's big sister, it is advisable not to dye long hair a uniform shade of blonde.

Care for blonde hair

Lightened hair needs a lot of care so that it unfolds its full radiance and does not look dull. Bleaching and dyeing damage the hair. Without the right care program, hair quickly looks dry and stubborn. Special, rich care series that supply the hair with many nutrients are ideal. Tip: Use a hair mask twice a week. So that the hair can benefit from its full regenerative power, wrap the mane in a damp, warm towel after application and leave the mask on for about half an hour.

Important for outdoor swimming pool visits in summer or extensive pool sessions on vacation: After swimming in chlorinated water, make sure to wash bleached hair briefly. Otherwise, the residues of the chlorine can lead to a less attractive green cast.

A Schwarzkopf Professional hairdresser can reveal a shade of blonde that suits you and your skin type - and of course also color it. You can find out where you can find the nearest one with our Salon Finder.