What constitutes a fluent foreign language

Foreign language skills in the résumé - The importance of basic knowledge of English and other language skills

When listing your language skills in curriculum vitae information on the level of knowledge must not be missing. But how do you assess your foreign language skills realistically?

Language skills in the curriculum vitae

There is still no uniformly used and official definition for language skills. Even if HR managers know that behind "expandable knowledge" usually "Basic knowledge”, It becomes more difficult to define“ good ”or“ fluent ”knowledge.

Language certificates and recognized language tests

Only language certificates or recognized language tests, such as the TOEFL English test, the TCF French test or the UNIcert certificate system, in which the level of knowledge is assessed, provide information.

If you do not have a language certificate, the following list gives you some pointers for the classification of your foreign language skills:

Foreign language skills in the curriculum vitae

Language skills Designation "expandable / basic knowledge"

At expandable or. Basic knowledge It is about school knowledge that is sufficient to find your way around on vacation, for example, or to make a short phone call.

Designation "good English skills" or language skills "conversational"

At good Foreign language skills or when specifying conversational Conversations and telephone calls in the foreign language are possible without any problems.

Designation "very good or fluent knowledge of English"

Participation in subject-related conversations and discussions is with very good or fluent foreign language skills possible without any problems.

Description "Contractual or negotiable in word and writing"

The name of your own Language skills as business fluent almost reaches the level of a native speaker. When specifying foreign language skills, however, an exaggerated classification is out of place.

Foreign language skills can be checked very quickly in an interview. Are those in the résumé as "fluently“Specified English skills then only as Basic knowledge out, this can mean the premature end for the applicant.

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