Who invented lightning freezing?

Licorice and chocolate

Sandra from the blog Three point charlie nominated me for the “Mystery Blogger Award” - thank you, Sandra! Well, I'll get to work right away 😃

Sandra explains here on her blog, what it is and how it works.

First: insert the award logo into the blog text:

2.: thank the person who nominated me and link their blog: check. see above 😉

3.: Mention the person who invented the award (Okoto Enigma) and link their blog:

/ quote

Okoto Enigma is the creator of the award. To motivate the blogger please do visit her blog

/ unquote

4.: Reveal three things about myself:

- Despite regular attempts to moderate my caffeine and sugar addiction, I keep failing.

- I don't give a shit 😃 (Chocolate !!! Marzipan !!! Espresso !!! YAY !!! \ o /)

- I would love to have tea and a chat with Queen Elizabeth II because I like her sense of humor so much.

5.: Nominate ten to 20 other bloggers and let them know by commenting on their blogs. (Follows!)

6. Ask them five questions, one of which should be weird or funny.

7. Link my best blog post (i.e. the one that is dear to my heart or the one with the most views? What do you mean ?!) Well, I go by feelings instead of numbers and link a post that is a bit wistful and sad to me but is important to the heart: the text on the death of the prince mother.

Now the nominations:

So, first of all I nominate and do it like Sandra:

I didn't ask the nominated bloggers in advance, I nominated them cheekily. Participation is voluntary and I would be happy if you would participate. If you have no desire, no time or no inspiration, that is of course also legitimate.

Here goes:


Another Markus

Mrs. Ladybird




Yes - sorry, I can't get as many as required ... quite a few blogs from my “blog youth” no longer exist, such as Ms. Mutti or Mudder Seemann, whom I would of course have liked to nominate here (girls, I miss to you!).

In addition, I am not sure who is still reading this, so I say: if you want, please definitely take part!

And here are my five questions for you:

  1. What (besides coffee) is an absolute MUST for you at breakfast?
  2. If you have a pet: what kind of pet is it, what is it called and what is your most embarrassing nickname for him / her?
  3. The crazy question: How many marriage proposals have you received in your life? 😃
  4. Lambrusco or Primitivo: which red wine would you be?
  5. Which foreign languages ​​do you speak (basic knowledge also applies) and which is your favorite?

If you want to take part, simply answer in the comment or link to your answer there (and please: no obligation!)

And finally Sandra's questions:

What do you think you and I have in common (apart from blogging)?

Our love for our dogs and the wish that they should do as well as possible!

What is the title of the last book you read?

I'm in the middle - the new Ken Follett: A column of Fire (third volume in the Kingsbridge series)

Your greatest weakness is ...Inconsistent, unfortunately 😉

Ronja the robber's daughter or Cinderella - which character would you be in a fairy tale?

Of course I would like to be Ronja, but since I seem to always attract people who hate themselves and their lives and try to take it out on me, Cinderella and her frustrated sisters probably fit better into the scheme (Am I glad that I have such a great, great Sister !!!)

Your most embarrassing moment of 2017 is ...? So far none, but can still come ...?


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... because the Chocolate Prince has cleared the rest of the month from next Thursday. Yay!

We're not going away either, we just stay here in peace, as we did last summer, because it was really very relaxing. No stressing about packing your suitcase, no journey lasting several hours. Nevertheless, we can have breakfast together every morning (luxury time for us), insert "smoochie-smoochie-time" whenever we want, sleep in decadently in the morning and make spontaneous trips to the Palatinate or French. Splendid. Practically just like a normal vacation.

Also: I'm really looking forward to meeting other blogger people again: a visit to Petra from the Voller Words blog and her juniors is planned for August 16. I've wanted to get to know Petra and her two juniors for ages.

Jaahaa - and on August 20th it’s turn to visit Paxianer (from the Paxianer blog) in Augsburg! * hibble *

Wait a minute, Augsburg ... * brooding * ... there was something ...? some of you may now be wondering.

Sure, of course!

The doll box!

You can watch a performance there as well as visit the museum.

The museum is more interesting for me, I want to see the Urmeli “in real life”. And our little Mr. Sonntag is allowed in, on a leash and under supervision, wrote the Urmel to me at my request. But if you ask questions to the doll box using the contact form, the Urmel will answer! It's great!

Augsburg is also famous for the Fuggers and those named after them Fuggerei. I already visited it in 1997, but I was out with my ex-husband and this memory can be covered with a friendlier one. And I'm looking forward to Paxians like Bolle 😀


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Eleven questions, found in the snippet tips:

  1. Which writing implement do you prefer to write with?
    Fountain pen with a wide (= soft nib)

Do you remember your first memorized or self-written poem?

Sure, my father taught me:

Under a tree bark

The maggot sat with the child.

She was a widow because her husband

which she had fell from the leaf.

Oh what a shame

For the maggot!
(He probably didn't keep Heinz Erhard's poem exactly in his head ;-)

Which three (already deceased) poets would you like to meet?

Masha Kaléko. Erich Kaestner. Astrid Lindgren.

Where is "home"?

In grandma’s kitchen. (Forever away).

Which book did you like from beginning to end?ckt?

"Shoeless Joe" by William Patrick Kinsella.

You are happy when ...

it's warm.

How important is carnival to you?
As important as pulling out my fingernails while fully conscious.

Tragedy or comedy? Where is your heavyweight?

Comic. Humor can be vital. I try to take everything with a sense of humor.


As always - if you like, pick up and throw on 😉

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I have often this "aaaah !!!!" I scratch pimples!!! - The moment when I read that someone "the Blog ”writes. Dear fellow human beings ... it's called the Blog. “Blog” is an artificial word that originated from “Weblog”, which in turn is composed of “Web” and “log” is a logbook (= diary) on the web. And no, it has nothing to do with “(note) pad” 😉

But now I've discovered the perfect symbiosis of writing pad and weblog: the Block blogger. This person solves the dilemma in a very ingenious way: he / she writes the text by hand on a writing pad, photographs this text and posts it on the blog. I like that! Take a look around there. Have fun!

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Thanks to Doris' tip in the comments, we have now found a holiday apartment in our second home for Easter - in Bad Zwischenahn. The apartment is very similar to ours in Harkebrugge: Part of an old farm, in the middle of the countryside, everything at ground level - and affordable. This morning I booked * happy * - Thank you very much again, dear Doris - the tip is worth gold!

@ Waldkind: would you write to me under liquorice woman ätt web dot de briefly so that we can get going for a meeting? For all the other Ammerland and Umzu bloggers: Monse is also open on Easter Saturday: -) Does anyone want to be in Oldenburg at lunchtime?

Before leaving I will definitely check the geocaching card for Zwischenahn and put the GPS on the packing list: -)))

It's good that it works now because otherwise we wouldn't have been able to see our friend Edda. Because: Edda's mother, “die Muddi”, died recently, at the age of 90. We are also very sad about that, the prince and I, because Muddi was just as much our friend as Edda is. The four of us were like a small family. We didn't make it to the funeral because it's a five-hour drive, but now we can at least go to the cemetery and chat a bit with Muddi. But I think to myself that she knows that we miss her. ❤

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Ms. Friday is a teacher. At a comprehensive school. Class teacher of a crazy ninth. This is a class full of schoolchildren who drive Ms. Friday crazy, who awaken in her the desire to be able to bang her head against the wall. Headscarf girls using make-up lessons. Young rappers wearing hats who abuse each other with "You Spast" and believe that a Spast is a little bird. Students who enjoy going to school but are not interested in learning. Pupils who are intelligent, clever and dear and who successfully disguise themselves as stupid fools with a love for fives and sixes.

Student who loves Frau Freitag with all her heart. And that is meant seriously.

Ms. Friday blogs. Here: Hey, how was school?

A book has emerged from the blog with the wonderful title Chill out, Ms. Friday and that I discovered and read before I knew that Ms. Friday blogs too.

Ms. Friday tells about her everyday teaching life in a relaxed and very funny and ironic way. She has the great quality of being able to pull herself through the cocoa - and it goes through everywhere that she loves her job.

Very, very recommendable, I enjoyed the book very much and look forward to reading the blog regularly - thank you, Ms. Friday!

And you: if you want to get the book (good idea, do that!), Please remember: support your local private bookseller!

Image: buch.de / Ullstein Verlag

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It took a few days longer. There is a lot going on at the moment and we cannot keep up with the evaluation of photos. But here are the vials that gave me Stjama together with the Mum's hiking cup has sent - she has mine logo scratched. In the background the adventure book of the cup.

Here is the link to my day with the cup again.

Stjama suggested that I fill the bottles with globules - a brilliant idea. Crataegus (hawthorn) and Melissa are in it at the moment.

Thank you, Stjama - I was very touched and happy about your gift!

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I was in the shower when the prince came in and announced: "There's a package for you!"

Me: "Ah, that'll be the brochure stands."

Prince: "No, I don't think so, there is wrapping paper around it, so green."

Me: "Oh nice, I'm curious about that."

I wanted to finish the shower, but since I saw that the prince was even more curious than me, I wrapped a bath towel around myself and inspected the green package. Sender: a name unknown to me. But definitely for me. Since the prince was already stepping from one foot to the other, I unpacked. A green bag and a postcard came to light ... and then I knew:

Stjama sent me the hiking cup !!! - Thank you! ❤ ❤ ❤

I photographed the two glass bottles that she sent me as a present, of course they are on a different photo card * gna *, but they deserve an extra entry anyway because they are so beautiful that my eyes wet. So tomorrow: Stjama's glass bottle. She suggested that I use them for globules - there are currently melissa and hawthorn globules in it.

"You have to take a picture of the cup, you know that, yes?" I said to the prince.

"In this weather we have to do that in the castle!" He suggested.

The cup and the travel diary (or also: the challenge cup and the logbook) could of course not be in Worms without having seen the Herrnsheim Castle. On the day I had a visit from Petra, who was happy to participate:

In keeping with the season, we have decorated the cup with lilies of the valley. And no, that's not a trick, I can really carry things around on my head 🙂

Petra holds the logbook.

Here you can see more of the castle - unfortunately the lower shutters have to remain closed, otherwise the panes will be thrown in at night and the glass is expensive because it is hand-rolled. But the prince has already made it clear to the caretaker that he'll open all the shops for a photo session.

For those willing to marry: the castle has a wedding room and there is a lot going on on Saturdays in spring and summer, weddings from morning to afternoon.

To the right of the tower in the building (these are the former utility rooms of the castle) is my practice, the upper row of windows. I teach my barefoot classes up here in the park.

We really wanted another nonsense photo, a first-year-school-cone-now-laugh-photo. Nice crampy and stiff. Unfortunately it wasn't quite successful, but the intention also counts ... we just had to laugh too much.

This adorable bull terrier puppy is called Barclay, he just came by with his family and we asked if he could be on the photo. The little daughter of the family, around three years old, explained to me with concern: “This is our Barclay…!” Yes, I would have liked to keep it, but we have given it back. (I wanted to ask if they have two more dogs named James and Harvest, but I forgot.)

The cup is now on a long journey into a green environment that suits it, that's all I say, only: it will be another extraordinary travel point for the cup, and it has been a lot on the way. It was fun to keep track of what was happening in the logbook.

Thank you, Ms. Mutti for the great campaign, and thank you Stjama, for the beautiful bottles - extra contribution will follow!

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And here is his blog.


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is the title of a wonderful post on Juliane aka Misanthropin's unwilling blog.

Look here and laugh - and applaud Aunt Mimi if you want. I did it.

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The fact that I picked out this picture and scanned it in today is due to Mr. Buddenbohm, who wrote a wonderful article about Wilhelm Busch and which you should definitely read: here.

The dress I'm wearing in the photo (Grandpa took the photo), it was made of red synthetic leather, tells me that I was about eight years old there. Recorded in my grandparents' living room. Grandpa still smoked cigars back then. The ashtray had brightly colored legs.

The tome on my lap is the first of two volumes in a Busch edition that begins with Max and Moritz. That was the first thing I read. Then I worked my way up story by story, most of which I didn't understand at all, but the drawings and sometimes very weird storylines fascinated me.

There were also color photographs of his paintings in the book, which I found very dark and intimidating as a child. They were a little creepy to me.

Much later, about five years ago, I came across the biblical story of Balaam and his donkey. And I remembered: I had already read and looked at it in that book up there! I am outraged by the stupid Balaam who beats his donkey.

This morning on the train he met me again, Mr. Busch: I read a text about gout and how it came about for the exam. It used to be called "the little niggle". And by that name I had already met her. See above.I hadn't understood the connection between the rich man's fat, sumptuous dinner and his evening pain in his feet, as well as at that age. This morning I found Mr. Busch's drawings with the fat man suffering from gout in my textbook.

Thank you, Mr. Buddenbohm - I am very pleased that son I is now also one of the Busch fans.


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To my great joy, I discovered a wonderful London blog: Spitalfields Life.

I love London and whenever I am there, I have the feeling that I have been connected to this city for much longer than just in this life. There is a very, very old familiarity and love.

And there is also a lot of love in Gentle Author's blog (whether it is a woman or a man is not clear and she / he leaves it at that mystery).

Gentle Author portrays people like umbrella makers, chestnut roasters or fireworks collectors, introduces buildings, streets or markets beyond the travel guide and interviews the people who live there and shape their surroundings.

A typically English quirky and very, very valuable blog.

Not to forget: Mr. Pussy, the cat who lives with Gentle Author and his stories under the heading Animal Life can be found.

It would be nice if you could spread the word about this blog - I think Gentle Author deserves it!

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Herr Noch Ein Markus has a great dog, Bill der Kromfohrländer.

Bill has his own blog and there I discovered a really gorgeous video about two Labradors riding sleds. Sooo funny. Looks here!

Bill - best regards to you and I'm glad you had such a great Sunday! 😀

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This is long overdue - even before Christmas I was, to my delight, a test reader of Maximilian Buddenbohm's second book I do not miss being by the sea become. This is it:

Why do I like this book? You often like books that evoke your own feelings and memories, and each reader likes a book for different reasons. One can only speak for oneself.

I like the book for many reasons. Because, unlike Mr. Buddenbohm, I like Travemünde. I like summer vacation spots in non-summer. I like the melancholy, the emptiness, the boring - well, I like that for a couple of weeks, I didn't have to spend my entire youth there. Although: Oberhausen-Osterfeld in the Ruhrpott is also a punishment when you are 15 years old.

Then of course I like Buddenbohm's writing style, that is almost superfluous to say, otherwise a book like this would have been on the gift pile for a long time. I like to read stories in which the language weaves and sounds so much that I am part of the story, stand by and see, hear and experience everything I read. Not every author can do that. The Buddenbohm can. And he can have feelings that one would not expect from a Hanseatic man.

A little taste of history The giant sheep:

In fact, the shock ... then one where you can immediately taste blood in your mouth, where the spinal cord freezes as a flash and the heart first fails and then frantically, stumbling and disoriented trying to find your way back to the old or at least to some rhythm, a shock , where you can no longer breathe, is quite certain that you have to die now and just hopes that it will please, please go quickly. Such a shock, in which you need two or three minutes before you can think halfway clearly again, and until then you only make senseless, squeaking noises.

My favorite story is A gentleman's place setting for Canaris - the story of a great fantasy that illuminates weeks of boring holidays and fills them with fireworks until it finally collapses, a great disappointment that leaves a hole, a void ... and adults laughing stupidly who do not even notice what they are have broken.

Of course - and this is usually the case with such comments about books - all of this is completely subjective and I like to admit that I find a lot of my own experiences in this book and that's why I find it so great. Of course, I haven't experienced the stories myself, but there are many parallels and the yawning emptiness of my own puberty, paired with desperate attempts to find first love, I rediscover that in this book and wonder how far I got that had repressed everything.

Anyone who reads about Sarah, the young Buddenbohm's (who wasn't called that yet) first great love, knows who shaped the man once and for all on East Westphalia. Practical through and through, unromantic and for that very reason strangely fascinating. Travemünde is also Osterfeld and there are many, many places in the world in which someone turns from a child to a young adult and wonders why it has to be so boring and slow, why you have to swim through molasses for years to get at some point to finally find a meaning in all this oddity.

The book is not only about Buddenbohm's childhood and youth, but also about the other people who live there on the Baltic Sea beach. Of retirees and kiosk owners and tourist girls and people who become alcoholics and people who think they have found what they were looking for. And then they discover that they cannot find what they were looking for in Travemünde because they did not look for it in themselves. And despite all the melancholy, Maximilian Buddenbohm manages to tell everything with his pointed wit and a really great language.

The book is a pleasure and I was delighted to read on Twitter that the manuscript for the third book has already been sent. You go, Buddenbohm!

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I took a block role from Mrs. Ingeborch Schubiak, right?

Reading ma, is really good.

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At the moment I'm a little limp and listless (I'm sure you noticed) - I was sick, it's January, my soul-deep month, and in eight weeks the exam is and I'm currently studying like a madman. It will all get better again!

I was particularly happy to discover a - for me at least - new blog, because the writer was so nice to comment on me: MaDove.

And if you go visit her, also watch the great Amanda Palmer video. It's worth it.

The second link concerns a good friend,Carsten Boettcherwho just happens to be the world's best magician.

His website got a facelift and it's really fun to hang around, even if you don't have a festivity that you need a magician for. (But: you should always have a magician close by, right? Think of Carsten, if you have a chance to celebrate, he's a blast!)

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is a cool number and I would like to congratulate Mrs. ... uh ... Mutti on her birthday.

All the best from Wiesopprum to Nierstein!

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