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Donald Trump and his wife Melania have contracted the corona virus. The president's doctor gives an update on his condition.

  • Donald Trump and his wife Melania were positive to that Coronavirus* tested (see first report)
  • The US President's treatment plan includes an experimental antibody cocktail (see update from October 2, 10:57 p.m.).
  • After his corona infection, Donald Trump was transferred from the White House to a Military hospital delivered (see update from October 2, 11:29 p.m.).
  • You can find further developments here in our new news ticker.

Update from October 4th, 8:20 a.m .: Concern about Donald Trump is large, the information about his actual state of health varies greatly. While the White House had previously stated that the president only feel mild symptoms, Trump now expresses himself in serious words. After the 74-year-old was treated with an experimental drug cocktail on Friday, Trump now explains: "I'm starting to feel good again". He emphasizes that the coming days are likely to be decisive for the course of his coronavirus infection.

In the next few days, however, “the real test” will come - “we'll see what happens,” said the President. “When I came here, I didn't feel so good. Now I feel a lot better, "said Trump in the video published on Saturday evening (local time). So is it really much worse for the US President? His voice sounded a bit thick and he seemed a bit short of breath. “I have to come back because we're still America have to make it big again, ”said the president, referring to his campaign motto. "I think I'll be back soon."

Trump received a second dose of the drug Remdesivir without complications. It inhibits an enzyme in viruses that is necessary for them to multiply. The doctor had previously promised a five-day treatment for Trump with remdesivir. His condition will be monitored on Sunday, Conley said.

Infected with Corona: Donald Trump reports from the hospital with photos

Update from October 4, 7:41 a.m .: The White House took two photos of the late Saturday night US President Donald Trump published that dated him at work hospital show off. On this he leafed through files and documents in a concentrated manner. Instead of lying in a sick bed, he sits at a conference table. The US President's quarters in the hospital also include office space.

US President Trump because of corona infection in hospital: "Not over the mountain"

Shortly before that, Trump had one Video message sent from the hospital saying that he was doing much better now than when he arrived at the hospital. "The real test" will not come until the next few days. But he is sure to be back soon.

The Personal physician by Donald Trump, Sean Conley, has not yet given the all-clear for the health status of the US President. Although "considerable progress" had been made, the President was "not yet over the mountain". The team remains cautious, however optimistic, it says in an update that was published on Sunday night. Trump is still doing well, he has no fever and don't need any additional Oxygen.

Update from October 3, 8:16 p.m .: The statements of his personal doctor let the best about him on Saturday health status suspect of Donald Trump. The positive mood that the Medical team at a public appearance, there are serious doubts shortly afterwards. US media report inside information that paints a different picture. Compared to the New York Times several sources reported that the president was in a much more serious condition. An insider said shortly after the official information was announced: “The medical values of the President have been worrying over the past 24 hours ”. There is still no clear path to full recovery.

In addition, there is a suspicion that evasive responses during the press conference could cover up more serious complaints. While Trump's more personal doctor stated the president was not about Breathing problems With oxygen been supplied, other sources contradict the New York Times. Trump's oxygen levels fell on Friday, whereupon the doctors decided to transport them to the clinic.

Press conference on President Trump's corona disease: most important statements from his doctor

Update from October 3, 5:52 p.m .: First lady Melania Trump can stay in the White House. The course of her Covid illness apparently gave no reason to admit her to the clinic.

Update from October 3, 5.47 p.m.: There is no date for that Discharge from the clinic. The presidents' condition is checked daily, says the president's doctor, Dr. Sean Conley. So the President is staying in the Walter Reed Military Hospital for the time being. The doctor does not want to answer exact details, such as the level of his previous fever or the origin of his corona infection.

Update from October 3, 5.44 p.m.: President Trump was not on the supply all day on Saturday oxygen instructed, report the doctors. He hasn't had one for over 24 hours fever had more and feels good.

Update from October 3, 5:40 p.m .: What about the health of the US president in view of his corona infection? His doctor Dr. Sean Conley said Saturday the medical team was "very pleased with the progress the president is making."

Going welI, I think! Thank you to all. LOVE !!!

- Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 3, 2020

Corona infection in Donald Trump: the doctor's statement is imminent

Update from October 3, 5:36 p.m .: Even bitter political opponents like ex-President Obama wish Trump a good recovery. At the same time there are worries among those present at TV duel, which took place on Tuesday evening. Perhaps the least concerned is Joe Biden, despite the fact that the Democratic presidential candidate and President Trump shared the stage. They hadn't shaken hands at that appointment - because of the Risk of contagion during the Corona pandemic.

The latest information in the run-up to today's press conference included statements from the White House that Trump's condition has tended to deteriorate. (see update from 4:20 p.m.)

Update from October 3, 5:26 p.m .: There is no information about why the announced press date is further delayed. Before the Walter Reed Military Hospital, in which Trump is dealt with, the latest information should be announced soon. It is impossible to predict in advance whether the delay indicates good or bad news.

Update from October 3, 5:17 p.m .: Donald Trump's illness is the greatest threat to an incumbent Presidents since the assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan in 1982. Accordingly, they are eagerly awaiting United States the update on the status of the president, which is currently further delayed.

Update from October 3rd, 5:10 p.m .: The public statement from Trump's doctor should be expected shortly. The US President is currently in the clinic. It was recently announced that he would be treated for several days. The first lady is ill, but is currently staying in the White House.

Update on the President's corona disease announced: His doctor will speak

Update from October 3, 4:20 p.m .: Trump's doctor Dr. Sean Conley will give an update on the state of health of the US President at 5 p.m. German time. The White House has just announced this.

President @ realDonaldTrump’s physician, Dr. Sean Conley, will be giving an update from Walter Reed at 11 am ET.

- Kayleigh McEnany (@PressSec) October 3, 2020

Update from October 3, 4:20 p.m .: Concern about the president is growing in government circles. The news channel CNN reported on Saturday. As a result of his Covid-19 infection Donald Trump is now several days in hospital spend. A Trump adviser has therefore stated that there is "a serious situation". Concern about the President is spreading among White House staff. "The president's condition worsened during the day," said CNN. Donald Trump has therefore Breathing problems.

Still, Trump has the Official business not yet handed over to Vice President Mike Pence *. This approach would be possible if the president is unable to exercise his office for a period of time for health reasons.

Trump with Corona in clinic: breathing problems? According to the President's advisor, there is "cause for concern"

Update from October 3, 3:10 p.m .: How bad is it really around Donald Trump? During the US President According to official information, only felt mild symptoms, reported CNN, citing an unnamed White House spokesman of "cause for concern". The US president has problems breathing. It was confirmed on Friday that Trump would be treated with a drug cocktail in a clinic.

How now that New York Times citing an informant not mentioned by name, Trump reported on Wednesday evening (local time) on one Election campaign event spoken in Minnesota. Just hours later, the US president was positive about that Coronavirus tested. As the New York Times reported, however, Trump was after the 45 minute or so event fell asleep in his presidential plane on the return flight.

As the New York Times Citing someone present at a golf club event, Trump already looked lethargic on Wednesday.

Trump admitted to clinic with Corona: breathing problems? According to the President's advisor, there is "cause for concern"

Update from October 3, 1:30 p.m .: Is the US President actually doing much worse than previously announced by Donald Trump's spokesman? As the Daily Mail now reports, citing an unnamed White House spokesman, the US President has "difficulty breathing". CNN also reported breathing problems and there was "cause for concern". Whether the president's condition has actually deteriorated has not yet been officially confirmed.

Donald Trump was treated with a drug cocktail and remdesivir on Friday. The drug is usually only used if the course is severe.

Donald Trump infected with corona - daughter of ex-advisor publicly insults US president

Update from October 3rd, 1 p.m .: After US President Donald Trump fell ill, further infections from the area around the White House became known on Friday and Saturday. Among the people who have now tested positive is the ex-advisor to the US President, Kellyanne Conway. In recent months, it has been shown that a corona infection can have a serious course. However, the fact that an infection also requires you to go into quarantine should not please the daughter of the ex-consultant Conway in particular.

On the social media platform TikTok, Claudia Conway vented her displeasure, a screenshot of the network message is currently circulating on Twitter. In the photo, the daughter of Trump's ex-advisor is wearing a white mask, she appeals: “I'm angry! Wear your masks, don't listen to our idiotic fucking president, the piece of shit. Protect yourself and the people around you ”.

The daughter of Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway is not that happy on TikTok that she was infected by her mother ...

- Shoura Hashemi (@ShouraHashemi) October 3, 2020

Donald Trump falls ill with Corona: the event in the White House becomes a superspreader event

Update from October 3rd, 8:50 a.m .: After this US President Donald Trump had been hospitalized on Friday (local time), the 74-year-old reported with a short Message via Twitter to speak. Accordingly, the US President was only in the clinic delivered. Also the former US president Barack Obama takes part in the illness of Trump. “Michelle and I hope the President will do that First lady and all coronavirus-affected people across the country en route to speedy recovery are getting the treatment they need, "wrote Obama onFriday also on behalf of his wife on Twitter.

Apparently with a view to the election in a month's time, Obama wrote, America is currently in a "great political battle". “With a lot at stake, let's not forget that we are all Americans. We are all human. And we want everyone to be healthy, regardless of ours Political party.“

Donald Trump falls ill with Corona: event in the White House becomes a hotspot

Meanwhile, the number is increasing Corona sufferers in the white house. One month before the US election is also the one
Campaign chief from President Donald Trump, Bill Stepien, tested positive for the coronavirus. Stepien received his diagnosis on Friday evening and had mild, flu-like symptoms. He keeps control of the campaign from his home office. Earlier in the day it became known that Republican party leader Ronna McDaniel had also contracted the virus. The positive test of Trump's closer Consultant Hope Hicks on Thursday had resulted in numerous other tests in the President's environment. Trump himself and his wife Melania were also probably infected from Hicks.

Also the former high-ranking advisor to US President Donald Trump, Kellyanne Conway, has contracted the corona virus. She was positive about that on Friday evening Coronavirus been tested, wrote Conway on Twitter. She has mild symptoms - a slight cough - and feels fine. You started the quarantine in consultation with doctors.

Conway, who surprisingly made her withdrawal from the late August White house announced, took part in one last Saturday Event at the White House part. At the event in the rose garden, Trump had introduced the conservative lawyer Amy Coney Barrett as a candidate for the vacancy at the US Supreme Court. Conway was
on photos without masks and in close contact with other guests, including on the side of Attorney General William Barrto see.

Two had already been infected on Friday Republicans in the US Senate draws attention to the event. Although the event was open air in the garden of the White House, it was good to see that many participants did not Masks carried and kept no distance. The President of the Catholic University of Notre Dame, who was present, also announced on Friday that his Corona test was positive.

Shortly after midnight on Friday, it became known that US President Trump and First Lady Melania had contracted the corona virus. Conway had right behind at the event Melania Trump sat.

Donald Trump infected with corona virus - now the US President reports from the hospital

Update from October 3, 6:38 a.m .:Donald Trump has dealt with the Coronavirus infected. Now the US President is in a hospital, on Saturday morning (CET) he reported on his Twitter channel.

Going welI, I think! Thank you to all. LOVE !!!

- Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 3, 2020

“I think I'm fine. Thank you all. LOVE !!! ”A few hours earlier he had posted a video in which he explained that everything was okay, but that he would now be taken to the hospital. He also thanked for the support.

Update from October 2, 11:29 p.m.: Donald Trump was taken from the White House to theWalter Reed Military Hospital as reported by the New York Times. His spokeswoman said that US President will stay there for a few days. "President Trump is still in good spirits, has mild symptoms and has been working all day," said Kayleigh McEnany in a statement quoted by the American newspaper.

"Out sheer caution and on the recommendation of his doctor and medical expert becomes the president in the next days work from the presidential offices in Walter Reed, ”the spokeswoman continued.

Donald Trump has Corona: his doctors treat him with experimental drug cocktails

Update from October 2, 10:57 p.m.: After that White House and his team of doctors made their first comments on the health status of the US presidents did, explain now, that Donald Trump against the coronavirus with a experimental cocktail of antibodies is treated. The infusion went without any problems, said Trump's personal physician Sean Conley. The President wise Signs of fatigue up, but be "in good spirits". The doctor did not provide any details about Trump's symptoms. Trump has also been examined by an expert and is currently on zinc, vitamin D, the stomach drug famotidine, the sleep hormone melatonin and aspirin.

To First Lady Melania on the other hand it was said that she was okay still good and she only has a slight cough and headache.

Trump has Corona: The stock market reacts sensitively - and incurs losses

Update from October 2, 10:50 p.m.: The Wall street has the again after two winning days in a row Reverse gear inserted. Technology stocks in particular came under pressure on Friday. They are considered to be particularly sensitive to the economic cycle. Stockbrokers referred to that as a burden Corona infection of President Donald Trump. In addition, the labor market report for September showed a surprisingly low increase in jobs. That also depressed the mood.

The US leading index Dow Jones Industrial moved mostly in the Losing zone and ended up being 0.48 percent lower at 27,682.81 points. On a weekly basis, this results in an increase of 1.87 percent. The market-wide S&P 500 lost 0.96 percent to 3348.42 points on Friday

Ivanka Trump: After her father had corona infection - her test was negative

Update from October 2, 10:28 p.m .: According to information from New York Times also Donald Trumps daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner submit a negative test result. The 14-year-old Barron had previously been tested. The Trump daughter and her husband are as Consultant for the US presidents active.

After Trump's corona infection: election campaign uncertain - will there be more TV duels?

Update from October 2, 9:58 p.m.: The Corona infection by US President Donald Trump will also be on his Campaign plans have great influence. After all of our own events had to be put on hold due to the quarantine, it is now unclear how with the remaining ones TV duels against Joe Biden is bypassed. "We haven't got that far yet," because the focus is initially on the president, said Trump's spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany on Friday.

After the first meeting of the two candidates last Tuesday are still Debates on October 15 and 22 scheduled. After Trump's corona infection became known, it was speculated that she was canceled, postponed or via the internet could be held.

Donald Trump infected with coronavirus - test result from Joe Biden known

Update from October 2, 8:07 p.m .: After Coronavirus infection by US President Donald Trump sets its challenger Joe Biden continued his election campaign. Biden's campaign team announced that the 77-year-old would give a speech in Grand Rapids, Michigan, as planned, on Friday. Biden's doctor Kevin O‘Connor had previously announced that the US Democratic candidate and his wife Jill Biden negative for the coronavirus have been tested. Trump, on the other hand, had to complete his whale fighting appearances for the time of the quarantine put on hold.

In the meantime, however, also transmitted the World health organization (WHO) theirs to the incumbent US President Get well wishes. "I want to start today by wishing them both a full and speedy recovery," said WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus at a press conference in Geneva on Friday.

Urgent corona test: Trump opponent Joe Biden was not infected with the virus

Update from October 2, 6:24 p.m.: Trump's challenger Joe Biden had to go to the TV duel after his encounter with the US president Coronavirus be tested. He now entered on Twitter negative test result known for himself and his wife Jill. He thanked them for the many compassionate messages and took the opportunity to remind them of the importance of adhering to the Hygiene rules is.

I'm happy to report that Jill and I have tested negative for COVID. Thank you to everyone for your messages of concern. I hope this serves as a reminder: wear a mask, keep social distance, and wash your hands.

- Joe Biden (@JoeBiden) October 2, 2020

Corona diagnosis at the Trumps - First Lady Melanie reports on Twitter

Update from October 2, 6:12 p.m .: Meanwhile, too Melania Trump reported to speak. On their Twitter account she reported that she too "Mild symptoms" have and thanked for the numerous Get well wishes. Overall, she feels good. The first lady and husband Donald Trump must now remain in quarantine for the time being.

Thank you for the love you are sending our way. I have mild symptoms but overall feeling good. I am looking forward to a speedy recovery.

- Melania Trump (@FLOTUS) October 2, 2020

Trump has Corona: The President continued his journey, although Hope Hicks was known to be infected

The US president has to have his Official business now from the self-isolation in the White house to lead. His campaign appearances are on hold. Should Trump not be able to exercise his official duties, Vice President would have to Mike Pence step in. Pence took a test that came back negative. The White House admitted according to information of the New York Times but one that the US President one Election campaign date in New Jersey perceived, although the positive test result from Hope Hicks before his arrival had become known. Trump met at the event hundreds of people.

After a positive corona test: Trump's contact persons should be found

Update from October 2, 5.46 p.m .: The White House confirmed on Friday that Donald Trump suffers from mild corona symptoms. Shortly afterwards the announcement followed that now everyone Contact persons should be located. The US president has been in contact with last week Dozens of people and was among other things at an appearance in Minnesota and on Tuesday at TV duel with his democratic challenger Joe Biden.

Trump and his wife Melania had on Thursday evening (local time) in the middle of US election campaign announced that they were positive to the Coronavirus have been tested. Your 14 year old son Barron tested negative on Friday. "Every precaution is being taken to keep him safe and healthy," said Melania Trump's spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham.

Donald Trump has Corona: Chief of Staff confirms slight symptoms in the US President

Update from October 2, 5:06 p.m .: after the New York Times Had already learned from the circle of President Donald Trump that he suffers from mild corona symptoms, this has now been confirmed by his chief of staff. Mark Meadows said in Washington on Friday the president had "mild symptoms". Trump but be "in good spirits," the White House chief of staff continued. Meadows was "optimistic" that the president would turn out to be Recover "quickly" will. He did not provide any details about the nature of the symptoms.

After Donald Trump: The President of the Republicans was also infected with Corona

Update from October 2, 4:41 p.m .: Also the Republican party leader Ronna McDaniel is infected with the coronavirus. However, she has been at home in the state of Michigan and not in Washington since Saturday, as a spokesman announced on Friday. You got after the Infection of a family member let test, on Wednesday afternoon she got the information that you too Test result positive be. After the TV debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden she spoke to Fox News via video conference about the evening - hers Corona test didn't mention her at a word.

Trump has Corona: The US President should show mild symptoms of the disease

Update from October 2, 4:05 p.m .: According to information from the "New York Times" shows US President Donald Trumpmild symptoms of illness. The newspaper referred to two people who are said to be informed about Trump's health. According to one person, they are symptoms of the common cold.

Trump has Corona: Employees reveal possible symptom - Biden surprises with a grand gesture

Update from October 2, 3:45 p.m.: Presidential candidate Joe Biden Has Donald Trump and his wife reported a "speedy recovery" from hers via Twitter Corona infection desired. It also said in the name of Biden's wife Jill: "We will continue to pray for the health and safety of the President and his family." Last Tuesday (local time), the politicians delivered their first TV duel in which Trump sharply attacked his challenger and kept interrupting him. He also made fun of the fact that Biden so often did one with regard to the corona pandemic mask sluggish. "The biggest mask I've ever seen," said Trump.

Jill and I send our thoughts to President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump for a swift recovery. We will continue to pray for the health and safety of the president and his family.

- Joe Biden (@JoeBiden) October 2, 2020

Update from October 2, 2:55 p.m.: It is still unclear whether Donald Trump and First Lady Melania have corona symptoms. On Friday night, the US president announced that they both tested positive. However, White House officials reportedly noticed Trump's vote on Thursday "scratchy" sounded. This is reported by the "New York Times". However, it is unclear whether this is not due to the many campaign appearances.

Trump has Corona: Vice Mike Pence tested negative

Update from October 2, 2:20 p.m .: After the Corona infection by US President Donald Trump is a test of that ViceMike Pence turned out negative. As his spokesman Devin O‘Malley said on Friday via Twitter, the 61-year-old Pence has been tested daily for the corona virus for months. His wife's test was also negative. However, the spokesman left it open as to whether Pence and his wife would be quarantined as a precaution.

As has been routine for months, Vice President Pence is tested for COVID-19 every day. This morning, Vice President Pence and the Second Lady tested negative for COVID-19. Vice President Pence remains in good health and wishes the Trumps well in their recovery.

- Devin O’Malley (@VPPressSec) October 2, 2020

Mike Pence would have to step in in the event that Trump could no longer exercise his official duties. However, the president's personal physician had announced Friday night that he expected Trump to be able to carry out his duties without interruption despite the infection.

Donald Trump tested positive for Corona: Friedrich Merz predicts influence on the US election campaign

Update from October 2, 12:57 p.m .: Could also Donald Trumps challenger Joe Biden have been infected with the coronavirus? Melania and Donald Trump tested positive. They were already infectious when they were Joe Biden met at the TV duel? Photos of the behavior of the first lady are irritating.

Update from October 2nd, 12.30 p.m .: The American President's corona disease Donald Trump According to the applicant for the CDU chairmanship, Friedrich Merz*, have a major impact on the US election campaign. The elections are in a month's time, half of the remaining election campaign time will therefore “be held under completely different conditions,” Merz told the TV broadcaster on Friday World.

Trump has Corona: "Almost a little irony in history," comments Friedrich Merz

One also has to wait and see how badly the president is infected. And one has to wait and see what happens to competitor Joe Biden. Both were together in a TV duel * for a long time.

Be it "Almost a little irony of history"that the man who had denied the virus the longest is now affected himself, said Merz, who was also infected with corona some time ago. Despite all differences of opinion on style and dealings with one another, he wishes Trump a speedy recovery - and his wife Melania as well. At such a time you think about some things and become more humble. It is to be hoped for Trump and his wife that they take the disease seriously and draw the appropriate consequences in dealing with Corona and caring for the population.

Angela Merkel wishes Donald Trump a quick recovery after a positive corona test

Update from October 2, 12:09 p.m .: Chancellor too Angela Merkel* (CDU) wished Donald Trump a speedy recovery. "Chancellor Merkel: I send all my best wishes to Donald and Melania Trump," said a tweet that government spokesman Steffen Seibert spread on Twitter on Friday. "I hope that you will survive your corona infection well and will soon be completely healthy again," the Chancellor was quoted as saying.

Chancellor #Merkel: I send all my best wishes to Donald and Melania Trump. I hope that you will survive your #corona infection well and that you will soon be completely healthy again. @ POTUS @ FLOTUS

- Steffen Seibert (@RegSsprecher) October 2, 2020

Update from October 2, 11.42 a.m .: Donald Trump tested positive for the coronavirus. What impact does this have on his health? * After all, Donald Trump is at risk at the age of 74.

Trump has Corona: Putin wants a speedy recovery

Update from October 2, 11:28 a.m .: Russia has US President Donald Trump and his wife Melania wished a speedy recovery after being infected with the coronavirus. “I am sure you will Life energy, a fresh mind and optimism will help to cope with the dangerous virus, "said a letter from Russian President Vladimir Putin to Trump published by the Kremlin on Friday.

I am sure that vital energy, a fresh mind and optimism will help you cope with the dangerous virus.

Vladimir Putin to Donald Trump

The Russian Kremlin chief Wladimir Putin (67) had directed state affairs in the past few months primarily from his Moscow suburban residence in Novo-Ogaryovo. According to his spokesman Dmitri Peskov, Putin has himself regularly tested for the virus. It was said that he wanted to be vaccinated with the Russian vaccine.

Boris Johnson sends corona-infected Donald Trump well-being wishes

Update from October 2nd, 10.55 a.m.: Politicians from all over the world have Donald Trump Well wishes sent. It was previously announced that the US president had tested positive for the corona virus. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson sent his "best wishes" to Trump and his wife Melania via Twitter, who was also found to have the novel corona virus. "Hope they both recover quickly from the coronavirus," added Johnson. The British Prime Minister himself contracted Covid-19 in the spring and had to spend a few days in the intensive care unit as a result.

My best wishes to President Trump and the First Lady. Hope they both have a speedy recovery from coronavirus.

- Boris Johnson (@BorisJohnson) October 2, 2020

The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi wrote on Twitter that he wished his "friend" Trump "a speedy recovery and good health". Also the boss of World Health Organization (WHO), Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, responded to the news from Washington. He wished Trump "a full and speedy recovery" via Twitter.

WHO chairman wishes Trump "quick recovery" after positive corona test

In the relationship between the WHO andTrumpit is not for the best: The US president had his country left the UN agency at the beginning of July because of its dealings with the Corona pandemic initiated. He accused the WHO of having enabled the novel virus to spread worldwide through a China-friendly course.

Update from October 2, 10:45 a.m .: The news that Donald Trump with the Coronavirus infected, went around the world on Friday morning. It is still unclear what effects this will have on the US election campaign *. Big events that Trump has benefited from so far are likely to be canceled for the time being.

Corona: Trump is positive - EU Council President sends recovery wishes

Update from October 2, 10 a.m .: After it was announced that Donald Trump had tested positive for the corona virus, the US president received support from Europe. EU Council President Charles Michel has the one infected with Corona US President Donald Trump and wished his wife Melania a speedy recovery. Michel wrote on Twitter on Friday: “Covid-19 is a battle we keep fighting. Every day. No matter where we live. "

Wishing @realDonaldTrump and @FLOTUS a speedy recovery. #COVID ー 19 is a battle we all continue to fight.

Every day.

No matter where we live.

- Charles Michel (@eucopresident) October 2, 2020

Even before Trump's corona infection became known, the group at Maybrit Illner debated the US President and the election campaign. Sigmar Gabriel used the "N" word.

Donald Trump tested positive for Corona: negative effects on the Dax

Update from October 2, 9:32 a.m .: The corona infection Donald Trumps has an impact on the Dax. Investors reacted with concern on Friday morning. The effects on US politics - especially in the negotiations of the next Corona stimulus package - as well as on the US election campaign could be immense QC Partners analyst Thomas Altmann warned.

The Dax fell in the first few minutes of trading by 1.34 percent to 12,560.00 points. Thanks to the high gains on Monday, this indicates a weekly plus of around 0.7 percent for the German benchmark index. The MDax of the 60 medium-sized stock market stocks lost 1.09 percent on Friday morning to 27,051.16 points. The leading Eurozone index EuroStoxx 50 lost around 1.3 percent.

Donald Trump and Melania tested positive for Corona - President has guesses as to how virus got into the White House

First report from October 2nd, 7.09 a.m .:

Washington - US PresidentDonald Trump* and first lady Melania* have dealt with theCoronavirus infected. Trump announced this on Friday night (local time) on Twitter.

Tonight, @FLOTUS and I tested positive for COVID-19. We will begin our quarantine and recovery process immediately. We will get through this TOGETHER!

- Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 2, 2020

Coronavirus: Donald Trump and Melania tested positive

Also Melania Trump spoke up on Twitter. Like too many Americans, she and the president are in quarantine. "We feel good," assured the official account, which we look after from Melania Trump's office.

As too many Americans have done this year, @potus & I are quarantining at home after testing positive for COVID-19. We are feeling good & I have postponed all upcoming engagements. Please be sure you are staying safe & we will all get through this together.