What comics did Stan Lee write

Obituary for Stan Lee The father of superheroes

When comics writer Stanley Martin Lieber, better known as Stan Lee, was born in New York in 1922, comics weren't in their own magazines, but on the entertainment pages of newspapers - and the superheroes were far from being invented. Now Lee has died, leaving a whole superhero universe.

Just a normal guy

One of the most graceful scenes in which Stan Lee was ever seen came to theaters in 2012 in "The Amazing Spiderman": The comic book author plays an old librarian in a white shirt, bow tie and knitted vest - and behind him the bookshelves burst because Spiderman is fighting evil again. Stan Lee, however, does not notice anything - with a blissful smile he moves his hands to the music that he hears through his large headphones.

Since Marvel Studios started filming their comics, Stan Lee has been on screen around 40 times. Most of the superheroes that have been made into films were invented by himself, including the "X-Men", "Hulk" and "The Fantastic Four".

Stan Lee: "Spiderman is probably the most popular."

Perhaps Spiderman has become so popular because he is a completely normal guy: in everyday life a schoolboy who doesn't exactly shine and is sometimes bullied, but in reality a spider person with superpowers.

Stan Lee: "I saw a fly on the wall - and I thought: wow! What if a person could do that? What do I call him? The mosquito man? That had no shine. Insect man? That was even worse. Then: Spiderman! Mysterious - mysterious, dramatic! "

Vain, greedy and clammy

Most of the characters Lee developed with the draftsman Jack Kirby. The two were considered a congenial team that gave the superhero genre a completely new drive: The stories no longer took place in fantasy cities, but in the normal neighborhood. And the characters struggled with their superpowers, such as "Hulk", who turns green with anger and then can no longer control his powers. Filmed in 2003 by star director Ang Lee.

Lee's and Kirby's superheroes are vain, greedy, or even can't pay their rent. Figures with weaknesses and problems. At his publisher Marvel, such ideas did not go down well at first, not even Spiderman met with enthusiasm.

Stan Lee: Nobody wanted him. My publisher said, "This is the worst thing I've ever heard, people hate spiders." Then I said he was supposed to be a teenager. And he: "You don't understand any of this, a teenager can only have a supporting role." And when I also said that he should have a lot of personal problems, it was: "Stan, do you even know what makes a hero?"

Black superheroes

In the end, Stan Lee had the right nose. In the early 1960s, when Lee developed Spiderman, he had invented most of the other superheroes - and he was also an editor for many other Marvel series. Because of this workload alone, his stories were never particularly elaborated. Often there was only a summary of the story - or Lee asked his draftsman to do a proper chase and only invented the texts for the speech bubbles when the drawings were already done. That was new in the industry and only in this way could the author and illustrator inspire each other - that's probably one of the reasons why Stan Lee's superheroes became so successful.

Stan Lee: "They all like my children anyway, I like them equally the same."

In his mid-80s, Lee stopped writing comics - and yet remained successful until the end. As recently as 2017, he was number one on People with Money magazine's list of highest-paid authors, with an annual income of an estimated $ 58 million.

In 2018, the Marvel film adaptation of "Black Panther", directed by Ryan Coogler, had its best February start ever in North America. When Lee wrote the scenario in 1966, it was revolutionary - because it was where black superheroes appeared. Of course, he made a brief appearance again in the later filming - as a player in the casino.

No other writer has influenced western comics as much as Stan Lee.