Why is my husband on this side

My husband always takes his mother's side

Hello, I'm annoyed again by my mother-in-law and my husband. He is always on her side.
No matter what she does, my husband always sees the well-intentioned in his mother and it doesn't matter whether it bothers me or not.
In the end, I'm always the bitch.

Sorry I have to cry out. SILOPO *

Like just now.
My husband and father were putting together a present for our son while I was making myself comfortable in a chair by the fireplace due to back pain.
Because I sat backwards on the chair and thus slightly bent forward, my sweater pulled up a bit.
Of course, my mother-in-law could not accept any comments.
She spoke to me a few times ... if I was cold ... or patted me on the back and tugged on my sweater.
At some point it was just too colorful for me.
My husband quark at our son more often during the time he should let him set it up in peace, because he only sat next to it, but when I told his mother really friendly in a normal TON,
that she should please leave me alone, my husband grumbled at me, that I PLEASE BEHAVIOR!

Then I said nothing more.
Only at home I asked him why I should & quot; behave & quot;
and yet it would be my right not to always put up with everything or I don't always have to be small.

His speech was that it would have been my TON.
Um ... sorry, but my TON was very calm and normal.
And even if it had sounded annoying, I don't think it's fair that my husband always takes his mother's side.
If I tease someone with something, then I have to expect the consequences.

She is allowed to do anything and he has an excuse for her for everything.

In any case, I then asked my husband what he would think of couples therapy or family constellations.
Because he always takes his mother's side.

Then he got really angry and asked me if that would be thanks for working in the home office today, because of the KIDS, because I lie in bed with gastrointestinal tract.
Apparently I would feel better and ran away to do sports.