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5 scientific reasons why you should listen to your heart

When millions of people died from the plague in the Middle Ages, people explained it through God's punishment. They called it "Black Death".

But it was actually bacteria, transmitted by rats. At that time people just lacked the awareness to be able to recognize this.

So can we afford the ignorance to smile at and reject things just because our consciousness is not yet big enough to understand them?

It may sound crazy to us at first, but a change is taking place. A change that is gaining more and more pace and spreading faster and faster.

Science and spirituality merge. Fortunately, even doctors understand more and more that the body cannot heal without the mind.

Follow your heart. That sounds like a cheap phrase to many. But the awareness of our generation, of our time, is growing and growing.

We are slowly getting more and more behind things like intuition, our own gut feeling, the true power of the heart and many other things.

I probably wouldn't dare to write these things if it weren't for the scientific evidence to support them.

So here are 5 scientific reasons why you should listen to your heart instead of your mind:

1. Your heart is much more powerful than your brain

The Heartmath Institute, or its scientists, have done a lot of research on the heart.

The first scientific reason why you should listen to your heart is that your heart emits electromagnetic fields that change based on your feelings.

We think our brains are powerful and it is. It also creates electromagnetic fields, but your heart is 100,000 times stronger electrically and 5,000 times stronger magnetically than your brain.

2. Your heart is the source of all knowledge

The second scientific reason is that your heart sends more information to your brain than your brain sends to your heart.

Haven't we been taught at school that our brain controls the whole body and all of its procedures and processes? Your body's "control center" actually gets more information from your heart than it sends to it.

So who is really keeping the show going? Is it your brain or is it your heart

Do you understand? Your heart already knows what your brain, your mind, can only dream of.

3. Your heart has its own neurons

Many scientists actually refer to the heart as the little brain because it has over 30,000 neurons. It thus has its own nervous system, the sensory neurons.

This is very powerful because these signals are sent to your brain, which then affect and change your emotional experiences.

For example, if you are or have been in a relationship and say, "I am heartbroken," you should be very aware of the words you use. Once your heart is affected in some way, it will start beating. It creates a domino effect that determines every feeling after this point in time.

So you should take care of your heart. You owe that to your life. Love life, great people, great friends, great partners and everything else you can think of. Find things that you love.

4. Your heart exists before your brain

What happens at the stage of fetal development? The heart forms completely and beats before the brain is even developed.

That tells us something, doesn't it? Your heart is complete before your mind is. Then why are you only listening to your mind?

Don't worry about your mind. You shouldn't use it, you should use your heart first.

Many of us are desensitized. So in order to really be able to access your heart more again, you have to become more sensitive to it.

Listen to your intuition, your gut feeling, this idea that you have about something. Does it feel good or bad? Act accordingly and you will be able to feel it more and more.

5. Your heart determines your health

The Heartmath Institute found that positive emotions can change our physiology, i.e. our bodies, for the better, while negative emotions do exactly the opposite. They change our nervous system for the worse.

Being in a positive state strengthens your immune system. So you should be aware of who you let into your environment.

Did you know that a mother's brain waves can sync with her child's heart waves? We even pick up other people's electromagnetic frequencies generated by their hearts.

That's why you feel in a certain way when people walk into a room because that's when you tune in to their heart rate.

So when you meet people who are in resonance with you, you create amazing energy together. It's like being with good friends, you just get along and have a good time.

What do you think then happens when two phenomenally identical hearts synchronize? We then call that love.

Doesn't that sound crazy? It's true and science proves it.

Live in the right hemisphere, which revolves around your creativity, but also honor your left hemisphere, your logical thinking, but don't live there alone. Merge the two, the right and the left brain - your heart and your mind.

Remember that the heart really keeps everything going. In short, respect your brain, but respect your heart even more because it really knows what is happening to you.

What are your thoughts on that?
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