Should I choose TCS?


In December 2017, the administrative court demanded that the government council examine whether the continued operation of the TCS campsite in the Fanel protected area is compatible with the applicable provisions of nature conservation and heritage protection legislation. Based on the clarifications, the government council has come to the conclusion that it will definitely not extend the existing building rights and the rental agreements for the site. The building rights will expire in 2024.

Canton's own land as a substitute location

In spring 2018, the government council started looking for an amicable solution with the environmental associations and the TCS. At the end of August 2018, the parties signed an agreement that regulates the continued operation of the campsite until the end of 2024. In the agreement, the canton promised the TCS canton-owned land as a replacement location. The canton has two parcels in the area between Reckholdern and Tannenhof. The two parcels are outside the Fanel nature reserve - partly in a zone for public use and in the agricultural zone.

TCS is interested in a replacement location

In August 2019, the TCS indicated that it was fundamentally interested in a closer examination of the replacement location. The municipality of Gampelen is also fundamentally ready to examine the planning feasibility of this location. Based on the project outlines of the TCS, she will submit a preliminary inquiry to the cantonal office for municipalities and regional planning. This preliminary inquiry triggers the necessary clarifications with the numerous federal and cantonal departments concerned. The aim is to clarify all questions about zoning and development. On the basis of the results and subject to a financing solution with other investors and the communities involved, which allows a cost-covering camping operation with a long-term benefit for the region, the TCS will decide whether to tackle the actual planning of the new campsite. The decision is to be made in 2020.

Canton will upgrade the nature reserve

After its demolition, the canton will renaturate the area of ​​today's campsite from 2026 and thus upgrade the Fanel nature reserve. The existing bathing area and the jetty into Lake Neuchâtel will remain and will continue to be accessible to the population. The building with the sanitary facilities also remains and is available to users of the bathing area.