Will we see the film Life 2

Life starting today at Netflix: We explain the devastating ending to you

For director Daniel Espinosa, the nasty end of Life was the basic requirement for making the sci-fi horror film in the first place. We explain the shocking twist to you.

Warning, spoilers for Life: Even if the sci-fi shocker Life isn't reinventing the space horror wheel, it offers nerve-wracking entertainment. As of today, Life is on Netflix and you can watch Jake Gyllenhaal, Rebecca Ferguson and Ryan Reynolds fight for survival in space. In doing so, they are attacked by a strange form of life, which one after the other gets on the collar. Ryan Reynolds seldom had to die such a brutal film death.

This is particularly striking at Life shocking ending emerged. Everyone who watches the science fiction film will have a need to speak afterwards, which is why we put the twist on for you at the end and invite you to discuss it.

The end of Life shocks with a particularly nasty twist

After Calvin (the alien has a name!) Assimilated one crew member after the other, are only David and Miranda left. They plan to leave the International Space Station with two pods: David sacrifices himself and flies with Calvin into the vastness of space, Miranda to earth. The plan seems to have worked out right up to the last scene. A pod lands on the ground in the water, but when it is opened - Twist - there are David and Calvin in it. The camera moves back and shows a fertile earth with lots of life on which Calvin can continue to grow and multiply by killing it.

The explanation for the twist lies in the difficulty Miranda and David experience with the pod in space. Both get off course and fly in the opposite direction. While humanity is threatened with extinction, it also means that Miranda will die alone in the depths of space.

Without this ending, the director would not have made the film in the first place

Life director Daniel Espinosa told io9 that the end was the basic requirement for the film for him.

That was the reason why I wanted to do the film. It's a real old school 50s noir ending.

Without the green light for the nasty life finale, he would not have accepted the job.

But I was sure they wouldn't allow me to. So in the first meeting I was like, 'You won't allow me to end this, will you? If you don't like the ending, we should go our separate ways immediately. '

The authors want to write Life 2: This is how the plot should continue

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, the two life writers Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese emphasize that they love sequels and hope Life 2 is coming and they get involved. You already have in mind how the story will continue:

How would the earth react [to Calvin]? Of course that would be an international matter, so many would different countries work together. You would try his Curb the spreadbut maybe there is too several Calvinsthat they need to keep in check. For us this calls out for an exciting sequel.

As of today, Life is on Netflix in Germany.

On a scale from 1 to 10, how shocked were you at the end of Life?