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Sun allergy and Mallorca acne: what helps?

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The right sun protection is important: if you are allergic to the sun, at least a sun protection factor of 50, and if you have Mallorca acne without fat and emulsifiers.

Full of sun - how wonderful summer can be! If only small, red pimples suddenly sprout on the skin of some people, which itch, burn and make sunbathing difficult. Sometimes the rash starts on the upper arm and then gets worse from year to year - pimples appear down to the legs and even on the back of the foot. Sun allergy? Or not? There are two different types of skin reactions caused by the sun: sun allergy and Mallorca acne.

Sun allergy: UVA radiation as a trigger

Legs, arms and décolleté are typical body regions for a sun allergy. This is triggered by UVA radiation when you go into the sun unprotected, especially in early summer. It is not yet clear why some people get sun allergies and others don't.

How do you protect yourself from sun allergies?

For sun allergy sufferers, a very high sun protection factor is particularly important. If the allergy occurs, cooling, anti-itch creams and gels help. Anti-allergy tablets, so-called antihistamines, also relieve itching. But the allergy does not go away with it. That's why: get out of the sun and cool off a lot, for example with damp compresses. To prevent a sun allergy, the skin can be hardened with artificial UVA light. You have to start with this in spring - or go into the sun a little longer every day, but always with a high sun protection factor.

Mallorca acne: reaction to sunscreen ingredients

In contrast to sun allergy sufferers who have not put on cream and whose rash is caused by the UV light of the sun, those affected by Mallorca acne have usually put on cream well. With them, it is the sunscreen that is responsible for the rash. Because the Mallorca acne is triggered by fats and emulsifiers in sunscreens. In combination with UV light, these substances form certain irritants in the sebum glands that cause inflammation - especially in areas of the body with many sebum glands: on the face, décolleté and upper body.

What to do about Mallorca acne?

If the Mallorca acne occurs, the only thing left to do is to cover the skin completely and to stay in the shade. To prevent Mallorca acne, you should use products that do not contain fats or emulsifiers. This applies to sunscreens as well as to other personal care products, such as after-sun preparations. With or without fragrances, it's a matter of taste - but fragrance-free products are better for sensitive skin.

First aid for itchy pimples

If there are pimples, cottage cheese or aloe vera creams can cool and reduce inflammation. Vinegar water is suitable for drying out the sun pimples. Zinc ointment belongs in holiday luggage as first aid: it is anti-inflammatory and anti-itchy.

Sun protection is important

But the most important thing is and remains the right sun protection: for sun allergies at least sun protection factor 50, for Mallorca acne without fat and emulsifiers.

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