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In today's second part The Mobile Advertising Blog is about the "special formats". The currently most popular advertising media here are the Mobile Interstitial Ad, the Mobile Expandable Ad and the Mobile Medium Rectangle. These advertising formats are explained in more detail below.

Mobile interstitial ad

The full-screen mobile interstitial attracts full attention for a few seconds. It not only communicates an advertising message, it also guarantees a high level of brand awareness.

The advertiser is free to determine whether the interstitial closes automatically or has to be closed manually by the user and remains visible as a reminder. The reminder in the form of a mobile content ad in 6: 1 or 4: 1 format can also be placed so that it is still visible after the mobile interstitial has been closed.

Mobile Expandable Ad

Just like the mobile interstitial, the expandable banner is an extremely attention-grabbing advertising format. However, it differs from the interstitial in that it expands to full size when the page is loaded and either automatically recedes after a few seconds or via a close button.

The advertising material over the full screen size can be reduced to a 6: 1 mobile banner using the pushdown / pushup function, with the content automatically moving up. Nevertheless, the advertising material and the advertising message remain visible and continue to guarantee attention.

The classic - the mobile medium rectangle

Placed in the visible area of ​​the smartphone screen is an excellent opportunity to draw attention to your product. With a significantly larger area than the 6: 1 mobile banner, the mobile medium rectangle is in no way inferior to the online medium rectangle in terms of scope and functionality.

In summary it can be said that there is something for every advertiser in the mobile segment. From the attention-grabbing Mobile Medium Rectangle via animated, screen-filling mobile interstitials, which can be closed by the user or regress independently, or the mobile expandable ads, which through User interaction expands and covers the entire content, advertising messages are communicated to the user in detail, even on pocket-sized end devices.