Why does Cersei Lannister always drink wine

Knowledge that is ready for series production: Do women in series have a drinking problem?

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Whether in "Game of Thrones", "The Crown" or "Otherhood": addiction expert Gabriele Fischer explains why beer, wine and bubbly in series seem so popular, especially with female characters

While it is almost only the villains who smoke in films and series, alcohol is not taken so severely: whether you are of a noble nature or a lousy type, much more indulge in alcohol. And more and more women are holding a glass in their hand, observes addiction expert Gabriele Fischer. The film is on Netflix "Otherhood", in which three mothers drink away their frustration with their grown-up sons with bourbon. Cersei Lannister was seldom seen without a red wine goblet. The Queen even indulged in one or the other liqueur in "The Crown". Do the ladies in the series world have a drinking problem? Or do the characters drink so much because the scriptwriters can't think of anything better? And what about female alcohol consumption in society? Listen to the series production podcaster Doris Priesching in conversation with addiction expert Gabriele Fischer. (red, December 19, 2019)

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The big booze: why people drink so much in series

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