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Pokémon: These are the 30 most popular copies of the fans in 2020

Pokémon fans around the world were encouraged to choose their favorite Pokémon for 2020 on Pokémon Day. The result is now clear. Here are the 30 most popular specimens out of hundreds of monsters of all kinds.

The world's number one fan

We don't want to talk about the bush for long - number one is Greninja, better known in our part of the world as Quajutsu. The ninja Pokémon seems to hit a nerve with fans. It's not too surprising, as it is one of the coolest representatives of its species. Quajutsu now bears the title "Pokémon of the year 2020". The Pokémon received a total of 140,559 votes, according to the official website.

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The appearance of Greninja / Quajutsu in "Pokémon: Detective Pikachu" could be responsible for the great popularity. The heroes of the film are followed by three quajutsus. Only the Enton's sudden psychic awakening can prevent the ninja Pokémon from winning in the end.

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The other top 10: From Lucario to Guardevoir

Quajutsu is in first place by a wide margin. The Pokémon received over 40,000 more votes than the runner-up: Lucario “only” got 102,259 votes. Here, too, by the way, it is a rather cool Pokémon, while the series usually comes up with a wide variety of creatures, from absurd to cute. This is the full top 10:

  • 2nd place: Lucario with 102,259 votes
  • 3rd place: Mimigma with 99,077 votes
  • 4th place: Charizard with 93,968 votes
  • 5th place: Nachtara 67,062 votes
  • 6th place: Feelinara with 66,029 votes
  • 7th place: Knakrack with 61,877 votes
  • 8th place: Rayquaza with 60,939 votes
  • 9th place: Guardevoir with 60,596 votes
  • 10th place: Gengar with 60,214 votes.

Noteworthy: Charizard is the only first-generation Pokémon to make the top 10.

Places 11 to 20: Pikachu only in 19th place

Franchise figurehead Pikachu is almost beaten in 19th place with a total of 48,060 votes. Even Bulbasaur is further ahead, in 13th place with 56,015 votes. The top 11 to 20 looks like this:

  • 11th place: Katapuldra (57,973 votes)
  • 12th place: Despotar (56,834 votes)
  • 13th place: Bulbasaur (56,015 votes)
  • 14th place: Riffex (55,032 votes)
  • 15th place: Lugia (53,268 votes)
  • 16th place: Bauz (52,367 votes)
  • 17th place: Durengar (51,517 votes)
  • 18th place: Skelabra (50,943)
  • 19th place: Pikachu (48,060 votes)
  • 20th place: Eevee (47,762 votes)

Seats 21 to 30: From Luxtra to Snomnom

For the sake of completeness, the lower ranks 21 to 30. The Pokémon Zarude cannot be found in the top 30 - no wonder, as the newcomer has only just been announced for Pokémon Sword and Shield. We are curious to see whether it can hold its own in the Pokémon of the Year 2021 election next year.

  • 21st place: Luxtra (46,032 votes)
  • 22nd place: Silvarro (44,011 votes)
  • 23rd place: Zoroark (43,782 votes)
  • 24th place: Wolwerock (42,792 votes)
  • 25th place: Krarmor (41,711 votes)
  • 26th place: Libelldra (41,420 votes)
  • 27th place: Trikephalo (40,054 votes)
  • 28th place: Gewaldro (38,724 votes)
  • 29th place: Lohgock (38,307 votes)
  • 30th place: Snomnom (38,034 votes)

What are your favorite Pokémon? Write us your favorites in the comments! The sometimes migraine-plagued author of these lines can identify very well with Enton, only that the development to Entoron has not yet materialized.