How can I fight against being angry?

The Chancellor is gambling high : One against 16 - can Merkel win her fight?

Angela Merkel has ten months left before her time in the Chancellery will be over. Of course, she knows that, she can do arithmetic. Physicists can do that. And now one can think that Merkel is or will be a “lame duck”, the end of her career in front of everyone. Sure she knows that too. But the Chancellor is currently doing a lot to make people forget.

For example, by Merkel changing her leadership style, if not changing it. Where it was often rather vague at the beginning - which is why her old speci Christian Wulff (formerly Federal President by her grace) once said of Merkel, "She leads from behind, like a good shepherdess" - leads her today with striking determination and far ahead.

It has only remained the same essentially: In the end, it is their form of Basta politics that rhymes with the term “no alternative”. In the Corona matter, for example, she does not give up, and she definitely wants to assert herself among the heads of government. The starting position is not easy. It was now: 16: 1 against Merkel.

What looks like a rapid decline in authority - when has it ever happened that all prime ministers really oppose a chancellor - can also turn out differently again.

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Next week, when they will all get together again to discuss infections and R-values ​​and all that again in the light of the numbers and, if necessary, to make new decisions. Then in the Merkelian sense? It has already happened once or twice.

It is correct: Merkel is gambling high with her behavior. The majority of the heads of government, and not only there, gets on the nerves with her popular educational nature. As if the Chancellor had never heard the phrase "Encouragement is always better than admonition".

There is no outraged contradiction from Laschet and Söder

In addition, the attempt by the Chancellery to use draft resolutions to build up pressure and to force decisions at the last second before the meeting has again provoked displeasure. Don't tell anyone that your Chancellery Minister Helge Braun dares to do it all by himself; then he would have to be released.

But they are angry, as the Governing Mayor of Berlin, Michael Müller, as chairman of the Prime Minister's Conference, was a bit surprisingly very clear. And spoke explicitly for everyone in it. In any case, there was no outraged contradiction from the Union Prime Minister and competitors Armin Laschet, CDU, North Rhine-Westphalia, and Markus Söder, CSU, Bavaria.

And yet: Merkel has made fighting the pandemic her big topic, the farewell topic. What suits her in terms of content is something that is closely related to science. But also politically: As if she wanted to leave the field as the big winner. What all in all can still happen. Until the summer of next year anyway, when the virus is under control, and for the next week as well.

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