What is God's relationship with time

Free Church: Farewell to the pious


Read on one side

You believe against your knowledge.

The first one who challenged me in my faith was my Protestant religion teacher when I switched to a Catholic high school at the age of 16 and had to attend classes again. I wanted to convert him to convert. And he wanted to make me see my senses. I took the Bible literally, he had studied theology. I firmly believed that there was heaven and hell. He tried to explain to me why this contradicts exegesis, i.e. the interpretation of the Bible. I thought: He just believes what he wants to believe.

I resisted everything he said very much. Nevertheless, my teacher raised my first doubts. At the same time I started questioning some things about the church. For example, that of praying and relating to God.

Prayer has been an integral part of our lives. People prayed before eating and before going to bed. Baptists believe in a direct connection between the frequency of prayer and one's relationship with God. The more you pray, the better you feel. A special form of this is called "making quiet time". This is your quality time with God. You should not only pray, but also read the Bible and enter into a conversation with God. You are most pious when you do this every morning, before school or before work. I always tried to train myself to do this, but I was too lazy to get up early in the morning. So I tried to do it in the evening and then I always fell asleep.

That frustrated me for a long time. I thought: If God is important to you, then you do it. Others have always said that it gives them strength. But that just put me under pressure. I couldn't say: I think that sucks, it doesn't do me any good, I fall asleep and I don't feel anything. The only answer to that would have been: This is Satan. You have to do this more often to get over him.

And then there were the others who made me doubt. Friends from football or school who were not religious and led a pretty decent life. They were healthy and well, even though they weren't praying. To put it very exaggeratedly, we painted the picture: First someone falls away from the faith, then he starts to drink, then he beats his wife. You can maintain this image because no one doubts it. Everyone agrees. Then there are studies that are supposed to prove that Christians lived longer on average. None of us saw through that this is a sham correlation, because most pious Christians do not drink or smoke and lead a reasonably healthy family life.