How do you make yourself thin

All of the things you do NOT go through when you are thin

.…. I know both sides!
I have had weight problems since I was a child.
A fat teenager became a fat teenager!
Whether in the family or school or even the boy from the neighborhood who was my best friend, I was teased by everyone! That left deep wounds! Again and again I took up the fight against the kilos.…. I managed to lose 10.15 pounds and sometimes 25 kilos, but in my eyes I was never really slim.
From the age of 20 on, I still wore size 40/42 a bit pug.
Today it is normal but at the beginning of the 90s one was "full figured" with this size!
Due to a stroke of fate in 2008, I ate everything I could get my hands on and drank way too much alcohol! I haven't climbed the scales for a long time! when I saw a photo of myself I was
deeply shocked! I easily estimated my weight at 125 kg! That was in 2016
The first thing I did immediately was to stop drinking alcohol! And started 2017 with a complete change in my diet. I enjoyed eating healthy and I felt better and better with every pound I lost!
I was finally able to have an operation on my knees, which had suffered so much from the weight, as well as my foot!
If I was always the fattest in my circle of friends, the tide slowly turned. Everyone added something over time, only I became less and less.
I cut myself in half and lost 54 kg!
My doctors were enthusiastic and warned me not to let myself be unsettled! There would be spiteful voices! And it would easily take a year for my body to recover from this strain!
What bad insults I had to listen to. I would look like a 70 year old! Hunger hook! Etc!
These insults came only from overweight acquaintances! This fact totally shocked me! Especially as overweight we all know how painful it is to be reduced to your body and this is always the focus of a verbal attack !!!!
So it's the other way around!
And I once said to a very overweight acquaintance, when she called her husband and me hunger pangs, whether she was aware that this is just as bad as being insulted because of her figure?
No, of course she wasn't aware of that and she was very uncomfortable!
I wear a size 36 at 166cm. I am not anorexic and I am not skinny! I am slim ! I've been keeping my weight for three years. And every day I feel my vitality and stamina! My body has recovered well and has adapted to my biological age again.

Even if it is currently "in" to be a little curvy, I don't want this anymore! A formerly overweight person has to be careful not to fall back into old patterns throughout his life, similar to a dry alcoholic!

My comment should also show the other side. ...
even slim people are attacked! Only I personally have never been offended by slim people, but if then by overweight people and then only by women!

If I find a person attractive, I simply find them beautiful regardless of whether they are fat or thin!
Many people constantly demand the tolerance of their fellow human beings and are not at all ready to be more tolerant themselves!

Even though I am slim myself, I am still active in some groups! I can motivate one or the other to stay on the ball on their way. I read columns like this one with great interest 👍 I recognize who I used to be with every new article! And somehow you always stay overweight and vulnerable inside!
BUT.…. overweight people also hurt other people!
Maybe one or the other thinks about what you say so succinctly ?!