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Holiday paradise Gut Horn

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The comparison price is the total amount that a family of three has to pay for an overnight stay in the high summer season. Included are the costs for two adults, a 10-year-old child, parking fee for a car and a caravan, electricity (5 kWh), hot showers and visitor's tax.

40.57 CHF *

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01.03.2021 - 31.05.2021
11.09.2021 - 12.11.2021

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Signposted in town, carriages and larger motorhomes follow signs for turning. Another approx. 1 km on an approx. 3.20 m wide road with few options.

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Not a 2nd time!

The lake is great. Nice and warm, easily accessible. Dog beach: is quite well done and easily accessible. Here the dogs can run around as they please. Bit small for the number of dogs in high season. Unfortunately a lot of mud, because the gravel was saved. However, there seem to be some contemporaries who would prefer to forbid dogs to bark even on the dog beach! Regarding the dogs: Unfortunately there are only 2 containers in the whole area in which you could leave the dogs' “leftovers”. The only bag dispenser was unfortunately mostly empty. Sanitary facilities: deserve special praise: modern and clean. However, it is only cleaned once a day. It looks accordingly in the evening. But this is also because some "campers" cannot behave themselves there either ... Restaurant: Offers a very diverse, delicious menu at reasonable prices. Nice service. Edeka market: In addition to daily fresh baked goods, there is a sufficient range. And that At fair prices. Gas bottles can be exchanged. Pitches: they have something like cage management! The described at least 75 square meters were more like 60! With almost full occupancy hardly bearable. Especially when the neighbors on the left and right are of the opinion that half the space should be theirs Share music taste. It starts in the morning and stays that way until late in the evening. That borders on all-day brainwashing! Speaking of volume: For some campers, holidays nowadays only seem to consist of sitting at the pitch and talking as loudly as possible in the largest possible group . I have no objection that others have a different idea of ​​camping holidays than we do. For us, Campin exists g in being able to relax from everyday life in nice surroundings. It is difficult to reconcile both ideas. But it just doesn't work without considering the needs of the other. So we went on many excursions during the day. It's okay. But in the evening we want our peace and quiet. The evening arrangement cannot consist of watching TV in the caravan until it finally gets quiet outside ... By the way, it is now 0:30 am, the crime scene is over and the discussion group is still taking place outside! We try to find sleep despite still over 20 degrees with the windows closed and with ear plugs ... The campsite operators weren't much help here. They want everyone to get their rights. Another parking space was offered. But who wants to completely vacate the old standing room in order to rebuild it elsewhere. We were about to leave! Many of the parking spaces in the upper area were so inclined that on some caravans a wheel had to be undermined in order to achieve a reasonably straight surface. Fresh water: available in reachable area. Electricity: easily accessible. However, no daily flat rate is possible, only based on consumption. 0.75 euros per Kwh is quite a lot compared to other places. WiFi: according to the description available on the whole site. But this does not apply to the upper part towards the boat place. We always had to go to the reception to have WiFi. Here, too, the reception was of no help: It was only succinctly confirmed that there is not WiFi everywhere after all. Corona issue: On the one hand, numerous notice boards indicate compliance with the hygiene regulations. On the other hand, large party-mad groups meet for a loud party without observing the necessary distances, without the staff intervening. Departure: Contrary to the information in the reservation, the space should not be vacated at 12 p.m., but at 11 a.m. Only a hint of this allowed a later departure. All in all, therefore, a campsite that we would neither visit nor recommend to friends. Report review

Corona or not, here you can apparently allow yourself everything ...

We spent our summer vacation 2020 on this "special" but also beautifully located campsite. 1. Sanitary facilities: As other reviewers have already described, the sanitary facilities are new and generous, but the number of people (the space is fully booked despite Corona) is undersized. Unfortunately, it is also due to some fellow campers that the toilets and showers are often totally filthy. The two sanitary facilities are not cleaned enough. Nevertheless, what the cleaning staff have to do there is a total impertinence every now and then. 2. Vacation with dog: We were there with our two small dogs for two weeks. The so-called dog bathing area is 10 meters wide and usually filthy, as there is an exuberant party there in the evening and at night by young people etc. Furthermore, if the site advertises that dogs are allowed and welcome, you wish that at least garbage cans are to be found in various places on the campsite. As a responsible dog owner, you want to be able to dispose of the leftovers. 3. Friendliness: If you drive to the campsite for the first time and do not know where to park to register at the reception, you are immediately "paused", you would be on the wrong side, the first impression of greeting is " Besch ... “The fact that the access to the campsite takes a bit of getting used to due to the location is not something the operators can do about that. However, even if the current situation is a bit tense due to Corona, you shouldn't accuse a guest that you might be "wrong". A friendly hint, even better a sign (please park here to register) would make it much easier. 4. What is allowed and what is not: On this campsite (at least in the large area around the restaurant “Zum alten Fährhaus” everything is apparently allowed. Loud partying into the evening and night. It's not that you don't like to party yourself , but it does not have to be until after midnight every evening. Friendly inquiries from the neighbors and later at the reception did not bring any success. At the reception there was only the note “You are not the first to complain, but you have Happiness, your neighbors are leaving "Thank you very much for your efforts. 5. Size and nature of the pitch: Specified at least 75 square meters. Our space was extremely full with caravans, awnings and cars. We measured almost 60 square meters without the slightest Possibility of privacy (but that's a matter of taste). Furthermore, the campsite offers WiFi. In the vicinity of the reception, this is also the case in the area h of the restaurant not at all. It's a shame. Then you should, as other campsite operators do, indicate accordingly and not signal that WiFi is generally available on the site. 6. Final conclusion: We didn't have a great time, but our personal conclusion is, once and not again. We are sure that others like this place but for us with dogs, the cleanliness, the friendliness and the feeling of being caged in relation to the pitch, we will not come back a second time

Vacationers me dog, drive around this place widely !!!!!!!!!!!!

At the end of July this year we were guests with our dog at this place and I would like to tell you about our experiences here. First of all, the issue of cleanliness of the sanitary facilities on the square. The sanitary facilities of the site are up to date and there is nothing to complain about here, but these are cleaned once a day by an elderly individual on a site with 260 parking spaces and 120 permanent camper spaces. I do not need to go into detail about the condition of the sanitary area from late afternoon to early morning. Regardless of corona times, just disgusting !!!! Secondly, this paradise is advertised with dogs allowed, and in the ADAC Camping Guide 2018, dogs are also encouraged! What we were allowed to experience here, however, defies description. There is a "single" "dog bathing area" in the southeast of the area, which consists of an approx. 3 m wide lake access bordered by two stones! You can imagine the corresponding rush on a place with dogs allowed, actually a cheek! But what is even more negative to report is the way the "extremely friendly" staff deal with their guests with dogs. One time, when I come back from a morning walk with our dog, a guest and her dog are verbally abused because the dog allowed herself to do "pippi" on the grass verge next to the road and the fence of a long-term campsite. The final sentence was "always." the same with these dog owners "!!! An even more serious incident happened to a family with their "15" year old Golden Retriever bitch who took the liberty of taking your dog to the "human beach". The dog wasn't even in the water, but lay down in the cool gravel in the bank area to cool off a bit. This family was also badly abused by an employee and expelled from the beach. The list could be continued with our experience, but would go beyond the scope of this. So dear dog owners, if you and your four-legged friend want to spend a relaxing holiday, avoid this place !!! Finally, why a star, this is what the staff at the EDEKA store on the square, super friendly and courteous, earned, actually five stars, but that wouldn't do justice to the overall rating of the square !!!!

Very nice quiet campsite

Nice reception, short distances to the wash house and shop (small Edeka with friendly staff) with additional bread sales. Sanitary facilities very new and clean. You don't need any extra money for the showers and there are extra cubicles with a sink and socket. On the square there is also a pizzeria (also to take away) and a boat rental. Gravelly entry into the water. Shoes advisable😉. There is a very large playground for children. Dogs are allowed and have a separate beach. The path from the main street to the square is the only one that is not so nice, as it is quite narrow for two larger vehicles that meet. But there are always small bays. We will come back! Report review

Campsite ok, but not as advertised

New sanitary building. Very nice staff at Edeka. Disadvantages: No entertainment for children in the main season. At the boat rental, only the key is handed out, there is no briefing, there are no safety instructions, etc. When it rains, the place can hardly be entered. You sink into the mud. The places facing the water are really drowning. Although the proximity to the farm is touted as an advantage on the Internet, this advantage is not used. You don't notice anything of a farm on site. No tours for children or the like. Safety distances are also only adhered to to a limited extent

Not a second time

The sanitary building was only cleaned three days after our arrival, probably only after we asked whether it was still being cleaned. That was really disgusting. We were also told we can choose a parking space, which doesn't matter. We decided on a place close to the lake, it wasn't busy anymore in the off-season at the end of October. At the power box we showed our CampingCard and were not informed that the pitch is almost two euros per night more expensive. So we were unpleasantly surprised that we had to pay more than the discount price. So it was only a good thing that we didn't stay a fortnight because of the dirty wash house. Instead of entering all the data directly when entering the reception, better information would have been appropriate here

Very nice place. Great lake

Super nice, also for stand up paddling. I will gladly come again. Good restaurant. Clean toilets and showers. Report review

Just wonderful

The place is very well located, right on the lake. The plots are clean and big enough. There are several parking spaces. At the very back at the end for the young people where they can also celebrate, in the front right on the lake, here the self is very nice but there is a lot of passage through fellow campers who want to go to the water, further back a little secluded very quiet places to relax. The water access is 20m away. The sanitary facilities are clean and modern. Showers with a small vestibule to change, washbasin with cubicle for morning washing. Toilets clean and spacious. There is an Edeka on site, prices are a little more expensive than outside, but still everything is within the framework. Selection is limited but everything is really there that you need. The access road to the square is relatively narrow, but there is hardly any traffic either. Activities on site are 2 electric boats and the water sports school. Stand up paddles can also be hired there. The place itself still has a mini golf course (a bit old but ok) table tennis, beach volleyball field, dog bathing beach and activities for the little ones (handicrafts or cinema in the common room), and a masseuse can be booked on site. Mention should be made of the junction from the main road, which is very steep and longer vehicles can touch them down due to the angle. It is best to drive past the sign, turn around in the village and take the upper driveway, this is very flat and easy to do. All in all, well worth a visit, friendly staff, family atmosphere and the beautiful Waginger See. We will be back. Report review

Relaxed vacation on a beautiful lake

A wonderful vacation ... out of the tent and into the lake! We have been absolute lake lovers since this holiday. The guests are all very casual and relaxed, you can walk around here all day in a bathing suit or probably in pajamas (if you like it). Well-stocked shop, including rolls and cakes. We found the restoration very expensive and we didn't like it that much. Then preferred to drive a bit to eat. TOP sanitary facilities, always clean. Playground and mini golf course were old and neglected, which was a shame. The CP is off the beaten track, you always have to drive, but you don't really want to leave anyway. Report review

All you need.

Great space, new modern sanitary facilities, good restaurant. Report review Show all reviews

Frequently asked questions about Campinglatz Ferienparadies Gut Horn

Is the holiday paradise Gut Horn am See?

Yes, Ferienparadies Gut Horn is a place right on the beach (lake).

Are dogs allowed on the Ferienparadies Gut Horn campsite?

Yes, pets are allowed on the campsite. However, there are some restrictions on request.

Does Camping Ferienparadies Gut Horn have an ADAC classification?

The Ferienparadies Gut Horn campsite is an ADAC tip site.

What dining / shopping options does Ferienparadies Gut Horn offer?

The campsite has a bread roll service, pub or restaurant, grocery store, snack bar, camping and leisure goods store, grocery store (50 m away), pub or restaurant (50 m away), snack bar (50 m away), supermarket (5 km away), camping site - and leisure goods store (50 m away).

Does Camping Ferienparadies Gut Horn have sanitary cabins for guests with restricted mobility?

Yes, Ferienparadies Gut Horn not only offers regular sanitary cabins but also sanitary cabins for people with reduced mobility.

Is there free internet at the Ferienparadies Gut Horn campsite?

Yes, there is WiFi on the entire site.

When is Ferienparadies Gut Horn open?

Ferienparadies Gut Horn is open from March 1, 2021 to November 12, 2021.

How many pitches does the Ferienparadies Gut Horn campsite have?

Ferienparadies Gut Horn has 260 parking spaces for vacationers and 120 parking spaces for permanent campers.

How many rental accommodations does Ferienparadies Gut Horn provide?

There are 17 rental accommodations available for booking at the Gut Horn holiday paradise.

Does the campsite Ferienparadies Gut Horn have a certificate?

The Ferienparadies Gut Horn campsite is currently not awarded a certificate.

Which languages ​​can be used when checking in at the Ferienparadies Gut Horn campsite?

English and German can be spoken.

How far is the next town from Camping Ferienparadies Gut Horn?

The next place is Gut Horn (1 km away).

Is there a VE station at the Ferienparadies Gut Horn campsite?

Yes, Ferienparadies Gut Horn offers a supply and disposal station for mobile homes.

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