What is happening now

What is really going on right now?

Something is happening right here before our very eyes. They are small pieces of the puzzle that you have to put together to see the big picture. And it gets more exciting every day.

The crime rate in the world, Europe and also in Germany is falling. The situation on our streets and squares is relaxing before our eyes. Why are criminals so impressed by a virus that the number of serious crimes has been falling for days?

Here is a loose list of strange events around the world:

  • A week ago, Google's global censorship fell. All people now have access to all the information that was deliberately kept hidden.
  • Rows of politicians and artists around the world fall victim to the virus and disappear into quarantine.
  • Many of the largest business leaders of the largest corporations are vacating their posts without giving any reason.


  • Lockhead Martin armaments company - boss Marilyn Hewson leaves
  • Alain Bellemare Bombardier leaves
  • Bill Gates Supervisory Board MicroSoft Goes - It's the same Bill Gates who talks about reducing humanity and financially drives the manufacture of vaccines with his foundation. Really a philanthropist? We will report on this in detail. List of all identified cases (resignations, retirements, deaths).
  • According to the Daily Mirror, the Queen is fleeing the virus from Buckingham Palace in one of her castles. It is too dangerous in Buckingham Palace, since most of the staff are there.
  • It is a global crisis and no one has heard anything from the Vatican yet. That has never been there. Otherwise one always immediately worried about the welfare of the peoples. The Express writes of a secret civil war in the Vatican. Is the 1000 year old rule of the Vatican coming to an end?
  • We see a video allegedly about the arrest of a senior member of the Italian mafia. There are said to be more arrests. The virus is most raging in Italy.
  • As early as December 2019, members of the largest criminal cartel in the world, the "MS13", were eliminated in the USA / Mexico. There are now said to be at least 600 serious criminals in custody - including the leadership. These serious criminals are viewed as henchmen by the Deep State. You did the dirty work in Europe too. They are charged with kidnapping, murder, human trafficking, prostitution, drug trafficking and torture. The purge lasted until February. Also affected by the CJNG cartel. Here the entire organization was switched off.
  • There has been repeated talk of purges in Saudi Arabia in recent months. The main issue here is corruption. Officials and even members of the royal family were arrested.
  • All over the world, the borders are now tight
  • In Venice, the first dolphins and fish were seen in clean, clear, blue water. Natural phenomenon?
  • The sky over Europe has been bright blue for days
  • Greta is history
  • Fridays for Future is history

And all because of a virus?
It seems a storm is sweeping the entire planet here.

We will continue the list. We are currently researching and it is getting more and more exciting.