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Homeschooling, time management, self-reflection

Homeschooling, timing and self-reflection

In times of distance learning, it is all the more apparent how important it is for schoolchildren to acquire skills that make them autonomous learners.

There are many sub-steps and sub-competencies on this path.

One of these skills is good time management, another is self-reflection. This should be done with a critical, benevolent look at yourself. It's about observing the process and your own limits.

It is important to observe what is going well, or what went well after a certain learning phase, as well as what is to be modified.

By noting the observations, the learner will later have comparative values.

In the case of younger students, it makes sense for parents to support them with questions.

But it is important that the children make their own learning plans and observations. In the end, they have a sense of achievement and get to know each other better.

As part of the lesson, some students created learning plans that I would like to present at this point. I would like to thank the 9th grade students for making their great works available to me and therefore also to you.

Learning plan and introspection example 1

Conversation note on homeschooling and time management

In principle we all did the same tasks. But everyone has divided it up differently over the days. Everyone is extremely busy right now, which means that if you don't make a good plan for the whole week, we all discussed that it would be very difficult. Above all, you get a lot of tasks, so we decided to write everything down. I've got myself a calendar to keep track of all my tasks, otherwise there is no overview. In general, we have decided that we are all very happy when school starts again and we all see each other again and we have regular classes again.

Learning plan and introspection example 2

Even a great journey begins with the first step.

With this in mind, I wish everyone a lot of fun who wants to take the first or next step on the way to autonomous learning.

Of course, I am very happy to receive testimonials and suggestions.

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