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The best email providers in Germany

The first email in Germany was received on August 03, 1984 the computer scientist Michael Rotert in Karlsruhe. That message, sent by Laura Breeden of MIT Technical University, contained one Welcome the "Computer Science Network", one of the scientific, non-military computer networks. The first email in the world has already been received 1971 from Ray Tomlinson to the US Department of Defense and probably had "qwertyuiop" or "testing 1-2-3" as its content.

While in 1984 an e-mail with the length of a DIN A4 page cost the equivalent of 20 cents and it took months to set up the computer, today consumers are with more and more faster, free email services spoiled. However, the wide range not only has advantages, but also means that it is difficult to make a decision in favor of an email provider.

True there are everywhere free, secure German email providers, but questions like: Which free email provider is the best? What are the most secure email providers? Which email provider is without advertising? Which email providers are there anyway?

In this article we will show you which of the best, safest, most popular e-mail provider in Germany is.

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E-mail provider comparison

The best providers for an email address

When it comes to the question of which free e-mail provider is the best, opinions can differ, because while for some the security What is more important is more important for the other that the email provider is possible free is.

Which criteria should an email provider meet? Chip has three good and safe email providers selected who performed well in the test:


Gmail ranked as the best email provider in this test clear, intuitive and personalized layout and 15 GB of free storagewhich is expanded frequently. Customers can send emails and attachments that up to 25 MB in size are to send.

The email provider also provides a Telephony and chat function to disposal. There is a Gmail Notifier for Windows users and a Google Notifier for Mac users. In addition, cell phone users can have their own iPhone or Android app download and use.


In contrast to other large e-mail providers, Mail.de has its Server in Germany. As the most secure of the three email providers, Mail.de offers one secure TLS encryption and spam and virus protection.

The free storage is 2 GB and attachments can go up 60 MB be great.


With T-Online, customers have one 1 GB of free storage and can secure up to 25 GB via the cloud. While free customers with advertising in the e-mail center and only e-mails up to 32 MB customers can use the link mail function up to 500 MB to ship.

T-Online customers who use Apple its own iPhone app, other customers can access the mobile homepage on their cell phone.

Are free email providers safe?

Most e-mail providers are services from large corporations that have their servers in the USA and therefore also American data protection regulations to have. The question of how secure these email providers are is therefore difficult to answer.

Furthermore, free e-mail providers usually earn their money with advertising, which is why they do Information from your customers' private emails evaluate in order to advertise suitable products for them.

If privacy is important to you, you should seek out politically motivated providers "Autistici" and "RiseUp" take advantage of. These are secure email providers, which are free but dependent on donations. They offer a lot Data security and anonymity, do not require any personal data when registering and do not save log data or IP addresses.

If security and privacy are particularly important to you, then Posteo and aikQ good email providers:

  • Posteo: 1 euro per month, 2 GB storage, no personal data required for logging in, 2 alias addresses.
  • aikQ: 1 euro per month, up to 10 GB memory, e-mails up to 50 MB attachments, up to 10 alias addresses.

Bottom line: these are the best email providers

  1. Gmail is the best free email provider, followed by Mail.de and T-Online.
  2. Two of the best email providers that aren't free but offer more security and privacy are Posteo and aikQ.
  3. Secure but also free e-mail providers are "Autistici" and "RiseUp".
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The best email providers in Germany
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