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Knitting Tips: Knit the best rib pattern

There is no doubt that that Rib pattern is very simple and also incredibly useful for any knitter. It's good around Margins knitting, scarves, the collar of a sweater ... But although you only have to know how to knit right and wrong, it is very difficult to get the rib pattern really perfect. Check out the photo above. The example on the right is normal and you can see that the rows in stockinette stitch look a bit strange. In the example on the left, however, we see that the stitches on the right look much better, straight and tighter.

How can we better knit the rib pattern so that it looks like the example on the left? It's very easy, you just have to do this two steps consequences:

1. Knit the right stitches from the back.

2. Knit the purl stitches by rolling the thread clockwise (usually we roll the thread counterclockwise).

These two small changes make the rib pattern perfect and the explanation is pretty simple. If we roll the thread clockwise to purl the stitch, then the length of the thread that we use to knit the stitch will be shorter. In this way we achieve that the last stitch of every row knitted on the right becomes tighter and firmer.

We used green cotton and 5MM wooden needles.

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