America will oust Donald Trump from office

US Presidency - For these two reasons, Donald Trump will run again in 2024

For these two reasons, Donald Trump will run again in 2024

The Republican still refuses to admit his defeat to Joe Biden. In the background, the first steps towards a return to power in four years are emerging. Trump wouldn't be the first president to do that.

Donald Trump can still cling and tweet angrily: The Republican has lost the race for the White House and will have to vacate his post on January 20, 2021. For all his opponents, however, this is by no means a reason to sit back and relax. Because Donald Trump could run again in four years and oust his archenemy Joe Biden from the White House.

Trump 2024? Legally, that would be absolutely possible. The American constitution limits the reign of a US president to a maximum of two terms. But nowhere is it written that these two terms of office must follow one another. And that's not just gray theory, it has already occurred once in American history: Grover Cleveland re-elected as Democratic President in 1889 four years after his election and won a second term (1893-1897).

His former chief of staff is convinced: Trump is coming back

For his former Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney, there is no question that Trump is considering another storm on the White House in 2024. Mulvaney said that he “firmly assumes” that the then 78-year-old Trump wants to reach for the highest office again in four years. His party colleague Mitt Romney, who as a Republican candidate once tried to oust Barack Obama from the White House, also says on the political talk show "Meet the Press" that the incumbent US president will continue to be the dominant figure and voice stay in the Republican Party.

Donald Trump is the Republican Party's £ 900 gorilla. It won't go away.

Why should he? More than 70 million Americans voted for him: this is - after Joe Biden with almost 75 million - the second-best result in a presidential election in all of American history. Not only is the number impressive, but also the broad alliance of voters that Trump was able to pull together. Even with Afro-American voters and Latinos, the Republican was able to gain significantly compared to 2016.

94 percent of Republicans think Trump did his job well

There is also little doubt about its popularity within the party. In a recent poll, 94 percent of Republicans said they were still happy with Trump's administration. In short, if Trump really does run again, it will be difficult for alternative Republican candidates to push him out of the running. He's already as good as the Republican primary winner.

There are two reasons that should induce Trump to actually try again in 2024. On the one hand, his current refusal to recognize Biden's victory shows how much he is offended by being voted out of office. To be able to repay everything to his opponent in four years should be reason enough for him to undertake the grueling election campaign again. And secondly, Trump is threatened with various legal proceedings after he leaves the White House. He could pardon himself, but only against the procedures at national level. He cannot stop the prosecutors in the state of New York, for example, who could take him to court for crooked financial transactions - unless he is re-elected in 2024 and thus regains immunity from prosecution.

In order to save his political fire through the next four years, the former TV entrepreneur is apparently already putting out feelers for a new platform. His 89 million Twitter followers are apparently not enough for him. According to the US media portal "Axios", Trump wants to found his own online television station. Trump no longer trusts his former home broadcaster Fox News, since its moderators have recently dared to ask critical questions of the president in interviews. In addition, the analysts of the conservative broadcaster ventured on election night before the competition to predict that Trump would lose in the former Republican state of Arizona.

Trump's new campaign tool: its own TV station

That made him angry.

Fox has changed. Somebody asked me what has changed the most in the past four years. And I said: Fox.

He said that on election day to the moderators of the program "Fox & Friends". An alternative to having your own station would be a cooperation with the television station “One America News Network” (OANN), which has made it its mission to only report positively about Trump. OANN, by its own account the fourth most watched broadcaster in the United States, would take Trump as commentators with a kiss on the hand.

Trump would have experience as a TV presenter. Between 2004 and 2017, he was the star in a total of 192 episodes of the reality TV show "The Apprentice" ("The Apprentice"), in which stylish aspirants could apply for a job in one of Trump's companies. But his companies are now run by his children. Trump needs another occupation. His favorite job will be available again in 2024.