Does the projection screen make a difference

Canvas or wall? - Can the image quality of a projector be improved by a screen?

Screen and projector as the best combination for the picture?

HOMEKINORAUM wants to know and takes the test


Screen and projector belong together, like Asterix and Obelix from the indomitable village in Gaul. But every now and then, in discussions with customers, the question arises whether the bare living room wall is not sufficient for a projection: "After all, this is also white and the difference can't be that big, can it?" Our little experiment should shed light on the darkness:


The test candidates at a glance:


 We look closely:

On the right the typical fabric structure of a woodchip wallpaper can be seen, on the left we have one flat, high-quality processed and very fine canvas surface. The differences between the two projection surfaces can be seen with the naked eye. But what is the impact on the projected image?



The direct comparison

Our standard-calibrated Full HD (SXRD) projector projects the image once onto the tension screen and then onto the woodchip wallpaper of the room under the same lighting conditions in the living room.

  • The sharpness and image plasticity(green) of a Full HD - or modern 4K Projector cannot be reproduced from a wall: on the contrary, contours lose their sharpness due to the nature of the surface and make the image appear slightly blurred. - Completely different on the screen.
  • The black level (red) is not only better on the right, but also gives the image a significantly higher contrast range. In times of HDR (High Dynamic Range) should be set to black level for the best viewing experience , In-picture contrast and brightness must be observed during playback.
  • The tracing(blue) is more pronounced in light as well as in dark areas on the canvas: So we can not only guess the outflows of the snow-covered mountain slopes, but also identify various differences.
  • The color rendering (black) With the same settings on the projector, the result on the two projection surfaces is seriously different: On the right we see a beautiful sunrise. On the left the colors merge and there is almost no color gradation recognizable, it almost has the impression that there is a reddish veil over the picture. This example clearly shows how much influence the projection surface actually has on color rendering.
  • The brightness (black) is like the black level Much worse with the wall projection, that is mainly due to the property of the wall, which not only reflects the incoming light differently in all directions, but also depending on the surface texture, the projection (reflected from the screen) does not do equally well to every viewer.


We would not have imagined the result to be so clear: The projection on the screen not only looks harmonious, but the image quality is also on a completely different level!

As you can see, a screen has numerous image advantages over a pure wall projection that should not be underestimated. Especially in times of modernity Full HD - and 4K Projectors the canvas factor is becoming more and more important.

What is the point of investing a lot of money in an expensive projector if you cannot enjoy the excellent picture quality at home ?!




 Not all canvas is the same:






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