Why do bulldogs have puppies

French bulldog - puppy

French Bulldog puppies look especially funny because of their large heads. Before you bring such a little Bully into your house, you should find out more about this breed - with all its advantages and weaknesses.

When puppies are born, it is always an event. What is born there is so small and helpless that one cannot even imagine how such a small “mole” can actually grow into a strong dog. The big heads, which are not at all related to the body, are always noticeable. This is particularly noticeable with the Bully, which by nature already has a “big” head.

When the little ones have recovered from the birth, they lie very close to mom, crawl around on her and look for the teats. Although the pups are still blind are (the eyes are still firmly glued) you can find the source of milk simply through the already well-developed sense of smell. If all puppies are healthy, you can literally watch them gain weight every day. To a fortnight about to open eyes and then nothing is safe from the little rascals. First they learn to walk upright (takes about a day!) And then everything new is explored, wrestled with the siblings and mom annoyed.

After four weeks at the latest, the puppies look like a miniature version of their mother, of course they differ in color, since the genes of the father and the grandparents come into play in one way or another. Color variations in the French Bulldog are black and White, but also Fawn, Red Fawn, Sable, cream or Dark brindle. The anthracite-colored, “blue” animals are particularly beautiful, but experience has shown that they are very susceptible to disease.

You can already see the future physique of the puppies, the angular face with the cute ones wrinkles, the standing Bat ears, the strong chest and the relative little bottom. Conclusions can already be drawn about the nature of the little bulldogs. Some puppies are frugal and sleep a lot, others frolic, nibble on everything and already dominate their siblings.

As soon as the mother's milk supply decreases, with Puppy milk fed. Some time later, the little ones are also given solid food. However, you first have to show the little Bully how to eat solid food. It is best to feed every puppy with the hand. This takes time and patience. Anyone who has ever raised puppies knows about the amount of work, but also about the rewards that are received every day. The cute rascals look up at you with big googly eyes, sleep on your arms and cuddle until they simply fall over from tiredness.

To eight to twelve weeks the French Bulldog puppies are placed in good hands. They are medically examined, vaccinated, dewormed and chipped. Every animal has a provisional vaccination certificate.

Where do you get a Bully puppy from?

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The easiest way is via one breeder (See also Buy a French Bulldog). By making an inquiry to the French Bulldog Breeding Association, you can obtain addresses of breeders who have just given birth to puppies. You can make non-binding inquiries there. Since almost every breeder has their own homepage, pictures of the little Bullys are sure to be online. Breeders who are members of the VDH (Association for the German dog industry) can also be found on its homepage.

Usually from the age of three to four weeks there is the possibility to have the puppies to look at, with you to play and to cuddle. This is the best way to find out which of the puppies is right for you. Should it be a girl or a boy? Does the lively daredevil fit into the family or rather the dreamy, cuddly cheek? The breeder gives his customers enough time to decide on a puppy, because he too would like to give his little darlings into the right hands.

Once the decision has been made, the business comes next. A purebred French Bulldog puppy with a complete pedigree costs between 1000 and 2000 euros. Certainly that is a proud price, but with such a puppy you can be sure that the breeder two healthy animals mated and that therefore the incidence of hereditary diseases is minimal. Animals that are much cheaper often get along dubious breedingin which no attention was paid to hereditary defects, malformations, etc. These breeders only have their profit in mind. The money that you save when buying such a puppy is later given to the veterinarian for the treatment of various diseases.

A breeder shows his Bully puppies in the video:

Sometimes it is also worth asking animal shelter. Bulldog puppies are also often to be found here. The animals are examined by a veterinarian and are only given in healthy condition. However, there is usually a lack of information about the parent animals, so that one can never be absolutely sure whether a hereditary disease will occur.

Also from good, trustworthy ones Acquaintances you can buy a puppy. But here, too, as much as possible should be known about the parent animals in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Prepare the new home

Once you have decided to buy a puppy, there is usually enough time to prepare the new home for the four-legged friend. First of all, it should be easy to clean Cup to be bought. Then Bully needs one collar or dishes, one rope, Food bowls, one brush for the fur and of course Lining. The breeder will certainly give you feed for one or two days when you pick it up, but a supply (preferably the same feed as the breeder) should be available for the first few weeks.

A little toy is a welcome distraction when the new family member mourns their old pack.

Then of course the new home also has to "dog safe" be made. This means, dangerous objects are to be put out of reach, open power sources are to be secured and poisonous houseplants should be placed in such a way that the curious bully does not get a hold of it.

The puppy education

Even as a puppy, the bully learns the basics of good training. Right now he is particularly attentive and docile, so that he can be introduced to the basic commands in a playful way.

Bully is house trained

Puppies will take some time to do their business where it is appropriate. To two to three weeks should the matter be done then. It is best to go outside with the little one every three to four hours for the first few days, maybe there is a small meadow nearby. When the business is done, it's going to be copious praised, turned a little more and then it goes back to the apartment.

If you watch your puppy closely, you will find that before peeing, he looks dreamily or searches hard in every corner. In front of the big business, the first thing they do is turn on the spot. As soon as these signals are noticed, the dog is picked up and carried to the right place. It will take a few days, but then Bully will sit in front of the front door and wait. Right now he has Roger thatwhere to go for his needs. Certainly a mishap will happen every now and then, then it is called not to scoldunless you catch him inflagranti, because then he was simply too lazy to report.

Professional video tips for house training:

Bully is wearing his collar / harness

Getting used to the collar or harness is also a must in the first days in the new home. You can first playfully put it on for a short time to see how the little one reacts and then remove it again. The next day the collar stays on for a long time and can also be put on a leash. The time with the collar is constantly increasing, and the leash is used daily for walking. Experience has shown that getting used to it is short-lived.


But little bullys are too cute! But in spite of their cute appearance and extraordinary charm, they already have it big as a fist behind their big ears. Just a puppy already has to early be shown who is the master of the house, no matter how cute they look.

The first step in parenting is this Recognize your own name. The little Bully is repeatedly addressed by name and when he looks at his master, an praise, either with pats or with a treat every now and then. It works in a similar way with all other things that Bully has to learn: a lot of praise, a lot of patience, a lot of repetitions.

Much praise, a lot of patience, a lot of repetition

If the little bulldog does something wrong, a consistent, calm, something louder "No" respectively.

For example:

  • Bully jumps up on people. Immediately put the dog on the ground and vigorously shout “No”.
  • Bell growls at his master. Keep your mouth shut and say “No” again.

Since the French Bulldog is always inquisitive and quick to grasp, it will soon understand what humans want from it. However, she also has a real one Stubborn. It only helps to be just as stubborn and to endure longer.

Sit, down and come

These Basic commands every dog ​​has to be able to do it, first exercises should be done as early as puppy age. Since a puppy can only follow an exercise for a short period of time, daily training is required until the command is seated. With “sit” and “place” you can gently help with your hand and as soon as the Bully is seated, pamper him with a treat. Then the dog combines this exercise with one positive experience (the reward). When practicing “Come”, it is best to work in pairs. One person holds the little mastiff lightly, the other moves away and calls out “Come”. When letting go, Bully should immediately run to his master.

Dog training always requires a lot of patience, consistency and treats. Constant repetitionseven if the animal is already grown up guarantee that what you have learned will be consolidated and not forgotten. It makes sense to spend some time with the puppy in one dog school to go. Here, on the one hand, he has many other dogs to play with and, on the other hand, the dog trainers give valuable tips for education and also give good instructions for independent training.

If you prefer to practice alone with your dog, you can find out about puppy training in many books beforehand.

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