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Motorcycles for little women and little men

Podcast episode "Motorcycles for Little People"

In the following you can see a list of which motorcycle can be found in which picture gallery, whereby the galleries are sorted chronologically according to trade fair dates. However, all models in the galleries are also sorted into one of the following three lists below: Motorcycle recommendations for small women and men, for advanced riders, unsuitable motorcycles.

Low seat height is not everything

In addition to the not new knowledge that the choice of motorcycles for short women (and short men) is simply limited, there are also the following: low seat height does not mean "good ground contact". This can be due to the width of the motorcycle, footrests in the way, wide bench seats or high and hard bench edges. So if you want to find out which motorcycle is suitable based on seat height information, you will only get a first clue.

Another criterion is the manual force required on the clutch lever. Because even outside of the city, stop-and-go traffic without winding through is sometimes the order of the day. And also not to be underestimated: Stopping at the red light: I often ride motorcycles on which I can only touch the ground with one foot. My stable leg is the left one. So if the road does not drop to the left and there are no ruts against it, my left foot always goes on the ground while my left hand keeps the clutch lever pulled. That is why it is clever when manufacturers make sure that the clutch is easy to operate, especially for motorcycles for small women and men. For each model you will find a short note in the captions.

Seat samples EICMA 2019