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Digital Library 5 (Download)

"Digital Library 5" download version

Take a big step into the future with the "Digital Library 5"!

With the "Digital Library 5" you get an instrument with which you can access your content at any time and in a future-proof way!

Whether on the train, on the bus or on the plane; Whether with an eBook reader, a modern mobile phone, iPhone, PDA or laptop: Reading on the go and accessing your own data is becoming ever more convenient.

The German eBook market is growing rapidly, inexpensive copies of German literature are available from 1.99 euros. But why should you buy some money again that you already have?

With the help of the "Digital Library 5" you can create eBooks in the format of your choice from any text in your personal "Digital Library" - as many and as often as you want.

In addition to the option of exporting to the well-known and proven PDF format, the "Digital Library 5" also supports exporting to the EPUB format, which makes reading eBooks even more convenient and is supported by industry leaders (including Sony).

But the "Digital Library 5" can do even more:
Additionally or alternatively, you can set up your own private server at home or in the office to use all your content at any time while on the go - via the browser on your laptop, mobile phone or iPhone, regardless of eBook readers!


  • Create as many eBooks as you want, including the associated images
  • The chapter structure is retained and usable
  • Full text search possible over the entire eBook (depending on the reader)
  • Export individual passages, complete works or entire editions of works
  • Individual adjustments to font size and image quality
  • Export formats: PDF, EPUB, XML, HTML, RTF or TXT
  • Can be used in eBook readers, PDAs, mobile phones with eBook reading software or browsers, word processing programs, on PCs or laptops
  • Access your library at home with mobile devices
  • Runs under Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10
  • without DRM (digital rights management) or registration

Manual for the new functions of the DigiBib 5

System requirements:

PC from 486; 64 MB RAM memory
MS Windows (2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10) 32 bit and 64 bit

Additional requirement: The "Digital Library 5" program can only be used in combination with one or more volumes from the series:

  • "Digital library"
  • "Digital Library Special Volumes"
  • "Digital Library Special"
  • "Digital library school library"
  • "Must have"
  • "Swell"
  • "Wikipedia edition autumn 2004" and "edition spring 2005"
  • »Zeno.org« (except for »Zeno.org - My Library 2008«!)
  • »Small digital library«
  • "The Yorck Project"
  • "The Yorck Project - Art for Connoisseurs" (except for "Art Calendar"!)
  • "The Yorck Project - Archives of the Masters"
  • "Spectrum"
  • »Anniversary volumes«
  • »Education and Art Cube«

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