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Driving a Ferrari: Find out everything about the contact points and rental conditions

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The fascination with the Italian speedster

You rarely see them in everyday traffic. But when it happens many look enthusiastically. Watching a polished Ferrari drive in the city or on the highway is a special moment. But it doesn't have to stop there, the sports car just to look at. Because today it is possible without any problems driving a Ferrari yourself and to enjoy this experience to the fullest. And if you don't want to experience it yourself, you can join Driving a Ferrari as a gift make others happy too.

It's not just men who dream of speeding through the city in a Ferrari. Women can too gain something from the coveted sports car. Many factors make the extravagant experience so special.

Not only can every driver do this once the feeling of pure luxury experience, but also experience a ride with a feeling of speed that is unparalleled on the appropriate route. Up to 400 hp, a sporty design and the typical engine noises make driving a Ferrari unforgettable.

FAQ: Driving a Ferrari

Do I have to meet any conditions to drive a Ferrari?

A minimum age of 18 years is often required. In addition, how long you've been in possession of a driver's license, in part, to make sure you have enough experience and driving experience.

What does it cost to drive a Ferrari?

Depending on which model you choose, renting a Ferrari can cost up to 900 euros if you want to use it for a day. If you only want to drive the speedster for an hour, the costs are usually upwards of 199 euros. In some cases, a surcharge is also charged for the gasoline used.

What else should I consider?

Here you will find a list of frequently asked questions about driving a Ferrari.

It has always been your dream, once Driving a Ferrari for 1 hour? Many companies specialize in sports car rentals of this type. Driving a Ferrari is next to Berlin possible in many German cities. There are different tariffs. It is possible to rent a Ferrari for 30 minutes, several hours or even a whole weekend. The price increases accordingly, depending on the provider. The editors of bussgeldkatalog.org have summarized the most important information for you.

It should be something very special? Tank, Trabi, Ferrari? Here you will find information on how you can experience individual driving pleasure:

The target audience and the conditions

You want to drive a Ferrari give away as a voucher, but not sure if the person is happy about it? Don't be shy.

Basically you can make every car enthusiast a great pleasure. This is how many men become, for example downright euphoric at the thought of driving a Ferrari yourself, whether through town in proper style or full throttle on the autobahn.

Every participant must observe the rules of road traffic. Accordingly, no one is left behind the wheel in an intoxicated state, whether through alcohol or drugs.

Sometimes the organizers also give a maximum weight and a maximum size in front.

You can obtain precise information on this from each individual company. additional conditions are often:

  • The minimum age: It is often at 18 years of age. However, some organizers require a higher age. Be sure to find out about this beforehand.
  • The duration of the possession of a driver's license: If driving a Ferrari takes place on a racetrack, there must be a certain driving experience. A specified period of time is intended to ensure that the driver has gained enough experience.
  • The deposit of a deposit: This covers a possible accident, more on this is given in the next section.

Costs and insurance

The Ferrari is not one of the cheapest sports carsthat everyone can rent for that special experience. If you want to give a voucher for driving a Ferrari, you should consider that. So there is no nasty surprise during the payment process.

If you want to drive a Ferrari for a day yourself, you can depending on the model with a rent of up to 900 euros calculate. It gets cheaper if the rental period is limited to one hour becomes. But even then it costs 199 euros and more to rent a Ferrari.

The thing with the gasoline: In most cases, the rental offers include the fuel required for the period in question. But there may well be some providers that still do an extra charge for the fuel claim. Especially if you want to give away a voucher for driving a Ferrari, you should inform yourself about itso that there are no unexpected costs.

Also something the insurance Most providers ensure that this is included in the price. However, some Ferrari companies require a deductible. For example, an amount of 1000 to 5000 euros for fully comprehensive insurance can be due, depending on the situation how long the rental period will be. Here it is definitely worth it, the individual Compare providers.

For the comparatively high costs, a fresh Ferrari driver is often offered a lot in addition to the actual experience. These include:

  • A detailed briefing by an experienced teacher
  • protective gear like helmet and gloves (especially on racetracks)
  • The possibility to accelerate in special places (Example: driving a Ferrari yourself on a racetrack)
  • An own Balaclava as a souvenir
  • A certificate of attendance
  • time for detailed souvenir photos

If you feel like it, you can even drive a Ferrari yourself and make the Nürburgring unsafe. Every Ferrari driver's dream comes true.

Drive a Ferrari once: As a newcomer, you have to keep this in mind

Anyone who rents a Ferrari for the first time, whether for themselves or as a gift for someone else, has to consider a few things. The handling is very different from that of conventional motor vehicles. And once you reach a speed of 300 km / h, need to know what he's doing. For this reason, the provider should carry out the briefing carefully and clarify how safe acceleration and braking is working. Also the rest of the functions should be clear.

To the To clarify operation, it is always a good idea to accompany the Ferrari Test drive. A spacious parking lot or a deserted area can be suitable for this. Once you feel comfortable in the cockpit, you can too just press the accelerator.

frequently asked Questions

In addition to the question of price and the personal requirements, there is some things that are often unclear to those interested in Ferrari. Correspondingly, possible questions are listed and answered below.

What is the impact of bad weather?

If it rains, a Ferrari trip can already be done once fall into the water. Some organizers reserve the right to postpone appointments in bad weather. In this case it is recommended to use the Contact the provider before the actual start of the rental period.

Can the Ferrari model be selected?

The organizers usually represent the respective Ferrari models. However, due to the large selection of providers and vehicles, everyone can easily find and drive their Italian dream sports car.

However, the paint color is not always red. It can also happen that black, yellow or white Ferraris are offered.

Already knew? It is even possible to drive Ferrari in Maranello, the birthplace of the red speedster. If you want to combine your love for the car with a vacation in Italy, you can create it with a visit to the Italian city the perfect foundation.

How fast does a Ferrari actually go?

The speed is depending on the model. In many cases, however, it will reach top speeds of up to 300 km / h reached.

The bottom line

If it is financially manageable, the gift is "driving a Ferrari" the dream come true for motorsport fans. A voucher of this type is a great surprise and creates the basis for speed experiences that will not be quickly forgotten. Whether man or woman, the fast runabouts ensure adrenaline in the blood and create the opportunity for a short period of time pure motorized luxury to experience.

They are less interested in Italian sports cars than in raw power in automotive form? Then rent a tank and roll it over the site. That is also a unique experience.

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