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Bette Midler is an all-rounder. Just 155 centimeters tall, sparkling eyes, red-blonde curls, thanks to her presence and charisma, she also fills the largest stage. “Live performances are still the supreme discipline. If you can do something that people want to see live, then you have a great career ahead of you, ”she once told Spiegel. Stage shows, for example in Las Vegas (“The Showgirl Must Go On”), hit songs (“The Wind beneath my Wings”) and strong film roles (“The Rose”) made her known worldwide. She will be 70 years old on December 1st.

The comedian, singer and actress has received numerous awards, with Golden Globes, several Emmys and Grammys; it sold over 30 million albums and was twice nominated for an Oscar. She's a down-to-earth superstar. Bette Midler worked hard to achieve this success. In 1945 she was born in Hawaii into a Jewish family of craftsmen whose ancestors immigrated from Eastern Europe.

The Midlers are poor, "really poor", as she once told the Jewish Chronicle: "I am proof that you can grow up between cockroaches and still sit down later for dinner with the President in the White House."

Bette, named after Hollywood star Bette Davis, works in a pineapple factory, tries her hand at radio and university. Teacher or nurse, what the father wants for them is out of the question. The young woman wants a stage career and goes to New York. “My parents taught me: Don't rely on a man. Don't count on you to get married and he'll pay for you. I get that. "

In New York she first played in musicals and was successful with stage shows in the popular gay sauna "Continental Baths". She is musically accompanied by Barry Manilow, who produced “The Divine Miss M” in 1972, the first of Midler's numerous albums. The latest song collection “It's The Girls!” (2014) pays homage to girl groups from the early 1960s that continue to inspire them to this day: “I grew up with these songs.

You are the soundtrack of my memory. The first song I consciously heard was "It's the Girl" by the Boswell Sisters. That's why the album is called that. ”Midler also proves herself to be a comedian in the cinema. With Woody Allen she had a marital row in "A Quite Normal Wedding Day" (1991), in "Zoff in Beverly Hills" (1986) she upset Nick Nolte and in the turbulent comedy "The Incredible Abduction of Mad Mrs. Stone" she the congenial counterpart for Danny DeVito.

In the remake of "The Stepford Women" (2004), she is the only unadjusted housewife. Bette Midler brings a brilliant performance in the "Club of Devils" (1996). She plays, clever and boyish, the older, overweight Brenda, who is betrayed and exploited by her husband. Together with Goldie Hawn and Diane Keaton, she implements a brilliant plan of revenge. Midler sees herself as "a kind of feminist" since it became clear to her that "there are men who coldly play out their power over women," as she told the "Süddeutsche Zeitung".

The fact that the actress has grown in serious roles was shown in Mark Rydell's drama "The Rose" in 1979, which is loosely based on the fate of Janis Joplin. Midler embodies the tragically failing rock and blues singer and was awarded a Golden Globe and an Oscar nomination for her sensitive portrayal. Bette Midler lives in New York with her husband, the performance artist Martin von Haselberg. They have been happily married for 30 years - a rarity in show business.

Daughter Sophie is an actress and can be seen on the big screen in Woody Allen's new film "Irrational Man". Obama supporter Bette Midler is committed to her beloved New York with the “New York Restoration Project”, which she launched in 1995. Its aim is to make the city greener and more livable. Her German father-in-law gave the impetus for this with his garden in the middle of Frankfurt. “I want to plant a million trees”, is what Bette Midler has decided to do.

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