Is Google AdWords performing well for Jobs

From Google AdWords to Google Ads

With Google Ads, a new type of campaign has also been introduced specifically for small businesses. Smart campaigns are the new standard of the service. Advertising on the Internet is now easier than ever. The renowned innovative advertising technology from Google is used in these new campaigns. In this way, companies can achieve their goals with little effort.

According to studies, 90 percent of all small businesses using Internet advertising primarily want to encourage potential customers to call, visit a store or make a purchase1. The smart campaigns in Google Ads are designed precisely for these online marketing goals. Ads can be created in minutes and form the basis for good results right from the start.

When you set up a smart campaign, simply select your business goals, such as: B. Receive calls from potential customers, motivate users to visit the store or generate leads for the website. After that, Google Ads will automatically adjust the ads to meet your most important goals. You can concentrate fully on your business success. If you want to check the performance of your campaigns, the dashboard in Google Ads has everything you need to know, clearly organized.

Google Ads offers profitable opportunities to businesses of all sizes, as well as advertisers with and without experience in online advertising. It has never been easier to set up a campaign and take advantage of Google technology to achieve business goals.

1 Source: Google / Ipsos Connect, SMB Perceptions Survey, May 2018.