Do you know yourself psychoanalysis

Psychoanalysis is the method developed by Sigmund Freud to explore the unconscious part of psychic life. It is both a treatment method based on this research and a theoretical system that describes the activity of the human psyche.

Unconscious psychological processes have a far-reaching influence on our thinking, experience and behavior, and they can cause psychological and physical symptoms. Likewise, cultural and political currents are strongly shaped by unconscious forces.

As treatment methods, psychoanalysis and psychoanalytically oriented psychotherapy are particularly suitable for making mental processes inaccessible to self-observation tangible and understandable. Experience and insight enable changes in relationships with oneself and others, both in work and in society.

Psychoanalysis can not only help people with mental illness, but also those who feel inhibited in their personal development and want to gain greater inner freedom by better understanding their inner world.

The psychoanalytic method of treatment is a work of two, between the patient and his analyst. The patient can become aware of certain unconscious aspects of his functioning and his psychological difficulties by reliving them in the therapeutic relationship with his analyst, not only intellectually but above all emotionally. This is what is called the transference. The intensity of the treatment, the frequency of the hours, the lying position and the duration of the treatment are conditions that favor the emergence and elaboration of the unconscious process in the psychoanalytic regimen.

Psychoanalysis is aimed at adults, but also at adolescents and children. Adjustments to the therapeutic framework conditions are necessary for the latter. In the case of children, for example, play and drawing play an important role alongside verbal expression.