What are the best perfumes for male women

Follow your nose: These are the 10 best perfumes for women and men

BEST LIST We met the world-famous fragrance critic Luca Turin and not only pulled the best perfumes for women and men out of his nose during our conversation, but also how to find a perfume that really suits you.

Many perfumes smell good. But how many are exciting? When we met the fragrance critic Luca Turin for a conversation at the Globus Beauty Days, we wanted nothing less than that: insider tips from a particularly fine nose. What makes a good perfume? Which are the best and can you give them away with a clear conscience? And above all, how do you find the scent that suits you like a second skin?

Trial course with Luca Turin: How to find the best perfume for you

Maybe you feel like us when you go to a perfumery and sniff different, new fragrances: at some point everything smells the same and it is simply impossible to decide. Finding perfumes will be easier with these five tips.

1 web tip: Fragrances of the World

If you don't want to go aimlessly to search for perfumes, sit down at your PC beforehand and do some research. This is Michael Edwards website Fragrances of the World the only source of information that Luca Turin would trust. There are helpful tools here that make orientation easier. For example, if you have a perfume that you like, the website will suggest all similarly composed fragrances.

2 Take your time

The most important thing to bring with you to a successful perfume search is time and patience, says Turin. It's best to take a whole day and a book with you for half a dozen new fragrances. Don't worry, you don't have to sniff through the perfumery for 24 hours and, because it's so boring, read a novel at the same time. On the contrary: the breaks in between are crucial.

Because every fragrance consists of three often very different phases. In the first, very intense minutes you smell the top note of the perfume, only then does its true essence, the heart note, unfold. In the end, when the scent wears off, you only perceive its base note. That's why a perfume that you found gorgeous in the perfumery can already feel awful from the shop door outside. In order to test the entire fragrance development, it is therefore best to smell the test strips once in the morning, after lunch and again in the evening.

3 tests extensively

The best thing to do is to spray a test strip, label it and then place it between two book covers, recommends Turin. So you don't mix up anything and the book pages separate the test strips and smells from each other. It can also make sense to spray one or two of your perfume favorites onto the skin and sleeve as well, as a perfume develops differently on the skin. A perfume that stinks to you on your clothes can shine on your skin and vice versa.

4 ... but test moderately

Put up to five test strips between two book covers per day. The nose cannot handle more fragrance strips, explains Turin. Because over time, every smell loses its intensity until you can no longer perceive it. That's why some people don't understand why you shouldn't eat your kebab on the tram. You don't smell it yourself anymore.

5 Smell like others smell

This is another reason why it is good to change your olfactory perspective. By the way, you can easily find out how a perfume affects you on others with a trick when you have a perfume sample. Take a quick spray in a room, leave it for five minutes, and then come back. What you smell now, others smell when you walk past them with this perfume.

The 10 best women's fragrances of all time

The best women's perfumes: Angel - Thierry Mugler

Many perfumes look beautiful and smell pleasant. But few are as exciting as Thierry Mugler's Angel, found the fragrance critic Luca Turin and put the polarizing perfume at number one in its top ten. What makes the fruity patchouli perfume so special for Turin? The often copied but seldom achieved contradiction between a female and a male component.

Image: zVg

The 10 best men's fragrances of all time

The best men's perfumes: Azzaro pour Homme - Azzaro

Azzaro pour Homme is a classic from 1978 whose slogan actually reveals a lot about itself and its wearer: "A perfume for men who love women, who love men." A fragrance that is light, unpretentious, a bit vulgar and even today simply delicious, writes the famous perfume critic Luca Turin - and just as unpretentiously, Azzaro pour Home is ranked one of the 10 best men's fragrances of all time.

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Book tip: Luca Turin: Perfumes. The A-Z Guide

If you want to deal more intensively with perfumes, we recommend the NY Times bestseller by Luca Turin. In his large perfume guide, he rates over 1800 perfumes for women and men.

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