Is Oblivion better than Skyrim

Better Than Skyrim: Reddit Clarifies Why Morrowind Is The Best Of The Elder Scrolls

It's Christmas time and the days off are only a Schlickschreiter ride away. Before we throw ourselves into 2020, we can confidently let our nostalgic eyes wander into the past, because sometimes there are not only wonderful memories lurking there, but also games that are still worth playing today: Morrowind, for example - that best The Elder Scrolls ever?

Hear, hear - do you still remember the wonderful soundtrack from Morrowind?

Some might argue that seventeen-year-old The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind has aged too bad to be enjoyed without nostalgic ecstasy. But is that true? As an old Morrowind fan, I have to nod at the argument on some points, but apparently there are still new Morrowind lovers today: Reddit user Kopaka-Nuva only touched Morrowind in 2013 after he dared to trudge through The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim . His résumé? Morrowind is the best The Elder Scrolls of all time - even without nostalgic glasses.

Morrowind's world is "like no other"

Are games like Morrowind finally extinct? And would it still be worth giving Morrowind a chance today? After TES aunt Bethesda has taken a step back from The Elder Scrolls 6 - at least a temporary one - the question remains, where we dragon-born could nestle in the meantime. If you've skipped The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind so far, it might be worth taking a second look at the older game.

As user Kopaka-Nuva writes on Reddit, Morrowind is far from being a perfect game - and the seventeen-year-old 3D graphics alone will no longer convince players today. Nevertheless, the predecessor of The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion is one of the most detailed role-playing games of all time:

“The best thing about Morrowind are two things: It creates one extremely detailed world, and forces you to learn all about them in an engaging way in the main quest. Instead of filling you up with information about the world, teach you about them in the missions.“

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt takes a similar path and was so inspiring, while some other titles rely entirely on notes or cutscenes to bring the story closer to the player. You can decide for yourself what suits you better - but it is also questionable whether such detailed stories and worlds still exist today. Morrowind offers a "credible, complex political and religious situation“, As Kopaka-Nuva describes - and you will be confronted with that right at the beginning when you are brought to Vvardenfall by boat after your mysterious release from prison.

In addition, Morrowind gives you a world far from all too well-known fantasy standards presented, enriched with a number of complex missions, obscure monsters and huge mushrooms in which strange houses were also built. Oblivion is medieval fantasy and Skyrim goes the way of the Vikings - is it against Morrowind? At the time of The Elder Scroll's third, high fantasy stories seemed to have been an integral part of video game culture.

The TES roleplaying game is not only adored on Reddit. Kopaka-Nuva points to the many, many, manysoulless NPCs, as well as those balance problems that make you feel like a demigod in the course of the game:

"The boring NPCs are the inevitable consequence of such huge game - there just wasn't time to work out each character in depth. What matters is that there are great characters like Vivec (who essays can and have been written about) Divayth Fyr, Dagoth Ur, and Yagrum Bagarn. And as far as the error in the voice output is concerned - the fact that almost all dialogues are delivered by text also means that there were no restrictions on how much dialog could be set to music. "

Morrowind is huge. And not only in terms of the size of the map, but also in terms of the number of missions, characters, cities and sheer possibilities that you can perceive in character development. You develop your skills, for example, by training your skills day in and day out: If you often fight with your sword, you will eventually be the best swordsman of all time - if you jump like a bouncy ball, you should be able to fly over half the map after a few hours of training. It's not realistic, but it's definitely more fun than those leveling opponents who are waiting for you in Oblivion.

“When you think about the gameplay, Morrowind has some of them unbalanced mechanicsthat existed - and that makes it great. At a higher level and with a sensitivity for enchantments and alchemy you can knock down every opponent in the game with just one hit, you can cross half the map with one jump and summon massive, city-destroying fireballs. "

The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind is and remains a classic, the graphics of which have without question faded over the years. However, if we leave this fact aside, there is an imaginative attention to detail hidden in the now almost adult role-playing game, which may make us all a little nostalgic: Is it just me, or do today's role-playing games no longer dare to create such a complex high-fantasy world?