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Record gameplay with ease: These 4 programs are free

Every player probably has the moments when they think: I probably won't play such a great play again in my entire life. Unfortunately, at this moment you often don't have any software running with which to record the gameplay. However, there are some free programs for this that may even be installed on your PC.

1. Windows 10 game bar

If you have Windows 10 installed on your PC or laptop, you have already installed an in-house solution from Microsoft that you can use to record gameplay. With the so-called game bar you can easily record from the game what is happening on the screen. It works the same way when you're not in the game. For example, you can also record scenes from the browser or other programs.

It is also very easy to use. If you are in the game, you can call up the game bar with the keyboard shortcut Windows key + G. From here you will see a few buttons in the bar, most of which are self-explanatory. You can take a screenshot, start a recording or even stream directly to Microsoft's streaming service Mixer. You can also choose whether you want to activate the microphone for recording.

After recording, you will find the videos by default in the folder: This PC> Videos> Recordings. Settings for quality and recording in general can be made under Windows Settings> Play> Game DVR.

Overall, recording with the Windows 10 game bar is very user-friendly and intuitive. Since it is already installed on Windows 10 systems, it is perfect for recording in between.

2. Nvidia GeForce Experience

The GeForce Experience from Nvidia also offers you the opportunity to record your gameplay quite easily. The prerequisite for this, however, is that an Nvidia graphics card is installed in your PC or laptop.

Once you have started the GeForce Experience, simply go to the game of your choice and use the key combination Alt + Z to call up Nvidia's in-game overlay. Here too, operation is again simple and intuitive. With Alt + F1 you take a screenshot. You also have three buttons: Video Evidence, Record and Broadcast Live.

With the video evidence, you can still record your highlights afterwards. In other words, you do a stunt worth seeing, then press the keyboard shortcut for the video evidence and the program saves the last minutes of your gameplay. You determine the exact duration in the settings. With a click of the record button you record what is happening on the screen, including audio and microphone, if desired.

With the broadcast live button you can start a live stream on Twitch, YouTube or Facebook. In addition, you have some settings for video quality, duration of the highlights, audio and more, which you can access via the menu that can be called up with Alt + Z.

3. OBS - Open Broadcaster Software

If you want a few more options such as overlays, additional quality settings and fine tuning, you should take a look at OBS, which is also free. The program is mainly aimed at streamers, but is also suitable for recording videos. OBS is an open source software and therefore very customizable.

You can choose from different sources for audio, video recording, game recording and more. You can then arrange these in different scenes, which you can switch during the recording or while streaming. You can use different crossfades for this.

The Open Broadcaster software is probably the most versatile program of all here, but it also takes the longest training period. The operation is by far not as intuitive as with the Windows 10 game bar or the GeForce Experience, but the options are all the more numerous.

If you want to record professional video or even stream it live, you won't go far wrong with OBS. If you are looking for a straightforward solution to creating gameplay videos, the other solutions mentioned here are better for you.

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4. Medal

Medal is a free program that lets you record short clips with the touch of a button. The maximum length of the clips is 120 seconds, which means that the program is not suitable for Let's Play recordings. But you can specify in what quality and with how many FPS you want to record your excerpts. A resolution of up to 4K and a frame rate of up to 144 FPS are possible.

With one press of the F8 key, Medal creates a clip of your last 120 seconds of gameplay or less, if you have set it that way. Then you can edit the clip and tailor it to your wishes before you share it on Twitter, Discord or Medals on your own platform, for example.

On this platform you can watch, like, comment on and share the best clips of your fellow players. So you not only get a program to easily create clips, but also a social network in which you can share them.


Recording the gameplay of your games isn't as complicated as it might seem at first. With these free programs, you can record high-resolution material with just a few clicks. You can then share this with your friends or create your own videos and upload them to YouTube, for example.

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