What are Facebook designers doing

Previously, a few months ago, some accounts were given the opportunity to test the new design for Facebook pages in the mobile app. The accounts that were included in the test included public figures such as actors, writers, creatives, and a few media companies. The response was obviously positive, because now the new design is being rolled out completely and it should make it easier for public figures and creative people to build a community and achieve their business goals.

What's new?

  • Redesigned layout that is simpler and more intuitive.
  • Separate news feed explicitly for pages to discover and participate in conversations, follow trends, interact with other pages and get in touch with fans. The news feed can be designed according to individual ideas by following different pages and profiles.
  • Easy navigation between personal profile and pages. The page and the profile can be managed separately.
  • Updated task-based admin controls that give trusted site administrators full control or limited access.
  • Actionable insights and more relevant notifications are available.
  • Security and integrity functions for the detection of spam content and fake accounts.

Source: Facebook News January 6, 2021

Simple and intuitive page design

It is now easier to navigate between a personal profile and a public page. Facebook has not only designed a clean and clearer layout, but also makes it possible to see bios, posts and other important information.

News feed and new ways of interacting specifically for pages

Pages are finally getting access to the news feed. From now on, pages can also discover and participate in conversations, follow trends, interact with like-minded people and exchange ideas with fans. The separate news feed for pages is also intended to suggest new connections - other public figures, pages, groups, and trending content that might interest a page or public figure.

Comments from Pages and Famous People are now moved to the top of the comments area. In this way, these conversations are made more visible and appear more frequently in the followers' news feed. Followers also have the opportunity to follow other sites directly via the comments and recommendations.

New Q&A format

A rich and interactive conversation is to be supported with a new text-based Q&A format, which Facebook will also introduce. Subscribers can then ask the pages questions on a topic. When site owners answer these questions, they are combined into a collection of questions that subscribers can read through as they please. Further information are available here.

Focus on followers, not fans anymore

For some time now, Facebook has announced that it will remove the “Like” button. Now Facebook is serious. In the future, you want to focus on “followers”. In contrast to “likes”, “followers” ​​represent the group of people who can receive updates from sites and are therefore a stronger indicator for site operators.

Source: Facebook News January 6, 2021

Improved site management tools

For better page management, Facebook has added new features such as: B. the ability to assign and manage admin access rights more clearly based on specific tasks. For example, site operators can now assign different access levels for the management of certain tasks such as insights, ads, content and community activity & messages. This also ensures the security and integrity of the account.

Features for security and integrity

Facebook always tries to detect and ban suspicious activity from the platform. Therefore, in the course of the design update, the ability to recognize activities that are not allowed on the platform has been improved. These are, for example, hate speech, violent or sexual content, spam as well as fake profiles and imitators. In order to better recognize the contributions and comments from authentic pages and profiles, the visibility of verified accounts is expanded. It is possible that a comment from a verified page on a public post appears on another page higher up in the comment area and is visible in the news feed.

Facebook announced that the roll-out of the new page version will take place on all pages in the next few months. More information about the new version of the page can be found here.


With the new page version of Facebook, page operators get an improved design and more options. The fact that you can quickly and easily switch between your private profile and a Facebook page in the future is very welcome. Most people are already familiar with this function from Instagram. Android users in particular, who were previously denied this option in the Facebook app, should be pleased. It is particularly gratifying that the “Like” button has finally been removed. For site operators, the number of subscribers is more important. This metric reflects the people who are actually interested in the page updates.

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