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Adidas Ultraboost 21 in the test

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The Ultraboost is the most popular running shoe from Adidas - but that's no reason for the Herzogenaurach-based company not to completely rethink the shoe for this year. After the 2020 version of the Ultraboost differed only marginally from its predecessor, the changes in the latest version, the Ultraboost 21, are obvious: more Boost, new upper material and revised sole construction. We took a closer look at all the changes and reveal here how the new UB 21 works and for whom it is suitable.

Higher and wider

The midsole of the Adidas Ultraboost 21 is 10 millimeters thicker than its predecessor.

Compared to its predecessors, the Ultraboost 21 acts like anabolic steroids. Although, according to the data sheet, there is just six percent more boost in the midsole, at 30.5 millimeters on the rear foot and 20.5 millimeters on the forefoot, it is around a third higher than the UB 20 (22/12 millimeters). The blast, i.e. the difference in height, remains unchanged at 10 millimeters. In terms of weight, the sample size US 9 / EU 43 added 30 grams and now weighs 340 grams. If you have the Ultraboost 21 on your foot and look at it from above, the new silhouette of the midsole makes it wider at both the front and back.

More comfortable and sustainable

The fit of the Adidas Ultraboost 21 is rather narrow despite the bulky look.

Wherever we already have the shoe on our feet, we immediately notice the completely redesigned shaft, which seems to be knitted more tightly and nestles closer to the foot and provides a little more support than was previously the case. Incidentally, the mentioned wider silhouette is not reflected in the fit, but is solely due to the midsole, which extends beyond the upper material. The last of the Ultraboost remains something for runners with rather narrow and normal-width feet. Although the knitted upper material, Adidas calls it Primeknit +, offers sufficient stretch, it could get a little tight in the Ultraboost 21 for wide feet.

Adidas also uses recycled material for the UB21, which is called Primeblue. Around three quarters of the textile consists of Parley Ocean Plastic, i.e. plastic waste that was fished from the sea.

The plastic version of the shoelace fastening is making a comeback - a homage to the original Ultraboost from 2015, because the three stripes already held the metatarsus on this model. With the Ultraboost 21 this works extremely well, although the upper material can form creases under the lacing on narrow feet, but these do not really disturb.

Runners who suffer from Achilles tendon complaints will enjoy the familiar design of the two-part heel cap. “The raised, soft recess takes all pressure off my pain-sensitive Achilles tendon,” says a tester who already appreciated this design on the UB 20.

Faster and more stable

The newly formed far area makes landing and rolling easier, especially for heel runners.

The next big optimization concerns the newly formed midsole, especially in the heel area, and the LEP (Linear Energy Push) Torsion System, a plastic part that lies below the arch of the foot to the forefoot between the outer and midsole and, according to Adidas, brings 15 percent more stiffness in the forefoot area and at the same time should return more energy to the run. In practice, the Ultraboost 21 is noticeably stronger. It offers more guidance and stability during the unwinding process. The result is a comfortable running feeling that differs significantly depending on the type of runner. While heel runners can fully enjoy the extra boost cushioning, middle and forefoot runners mainly feel the energy return and the improved footprint. "The shoe rolls clearly better than its predecessor with the flat heel," reports a test runner whom we classify as a heel runner.

From below you can see the new Continental outsole and the Torsion System (here yellow).

The outsole does its job, as we know it from the Continental soles that Adidas has installed in many shoes for years. Grip is never an issue in dry and wet conditions. There is no need to worry on the street, in parks or in the forest. In addition, after the first impressions, it seems to be robust as usual, which promises a few hundred kilometers of running.


Wider, higher, faster - this is how the new Adidas Ultraboost 21 can be described. Every version of the Ultraboost has managed to become a better running shoe. While the original version was more a sneaker than a running shoe, the latest version is an adult running shoe. Due to the added stability, it is no longer a top choice for neutral shoe runners, but also a good option for those runners who are looking for a comfortable, slightly stabilizing running shoe. The 30 grams more are only annoying on paper and during fast runs - but the Ultraboost is not intended for that either. The Adidas Ultraboost 21 is the ideal choice for comfortable endurance runs.

Adidas Ultraboost 21 in numbers

Category: Neutral and cushioning shoe
Weight: 340 g (men's version US size 9)
Blasting: 10 mm
RRP: 180 €
Order here: Male model (from 180.00 €) or women's model (from 180.00 €)

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