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Dangerous beauty: blind through hyaluronic acid? (PHOTO)

Cologne (ots) -Hyaluronic acid treatments are trendy. More and more young women and men have natural fillers injected to counteract blemishes and aging skin. In 2020, the number of minimally invasive, aesthetic treatments rose by more than 20 percent. Risks and side effects of filler treatment are mostly ignored.

"Low-risk, gentle, effective and sustainable" - numerous providers use slogans like these to advertise hyaluronic acid treatments. Treatment time: 15 minutes - Recovery: immediately. Sounds tempting - but is it really that simple?

According to the latest figures from the German Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (DGÄPC), many patients used their time for aesthetic changes in the past year. The number of minimally invasive aesthetic treatments rose from 41.5 percent to 63.7 percent in the following year [1]. This significant increase is justified by the effects of the corona pandemic [2]. Swellings and small bruises can be cured easily and unseen thanks to working in the home office. Follow-up or check-up appointments are usually not absolutely necessary, according to the DGÄPC press release. The specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery Dr. Miriam Koeller-Bratz, known from various TV appearances, including the RTL2 series "Extrem Schön", explains: "The webcams that are directed at themselves during video conferences in the home office are like looking in the mirror for hours. They also arouse the need after aesthetic interventions. "

At number one of the most popular treatments: The wrinkle injection. In addition to the well-known treatment using botulinum toxin, also known as botox, treatment using hyaluron fillers is one of the most common wrinkle treatment methods. The difference: Hyaluron is not a neurotoxin, but a gel-like substance that is produced by the body to a certain extent and is an important part of the connective tissue. Primarily responsible for moisturizing and firming the skin.

With advancing age, the hyaluronic acid is broken down naturally by the body - which leads to the loss of elasticity and elasticity of the skin. Consequence: The skin slackens and wrinkles appear again. The next hyaluronic acid treatment is due

So it's no wonder that the cosmetics industry counteracts the natural aging process with numerous hyaluronic creams and preparations.

If you want to achieve more than the effect of a cream, the natural acid can be injected under the skin. "In addition to skin rejuvenation, hyaluronic acid can also be used to change facial contours such as cheekbones, chin and nose. The use of hyaluronic acid to straighten small bumps on the bridge of the nose is becoming increasingly popular," explains Koeller-Bratz. During an aesthetic surgical procedure, the hyaluronic acid is injected directly into the slack connective tissue. The result: the skin rises and is immediately visibly smoothed.

Blind through beauty surgery

A little prick here, a little prick there ...

Whereas in the past you had to go under the knife in an operating room, today you have the option of changing your nose, lips and other areas of the body through an intervention with hyaluronic acid and adapting them to your individual beauty image.

What is often ignored in the quick routine interventions are the not harmless risks and side effects. In addition to the appearance of redness and bruising, the injection of excessive amounts of blood vessels can be displaced or, in the worst case, initiated with the liquid. There are small clumps. Consequence: Ischemia, a lack of blood supply to individual vessels, can occur. In the worst-case scenario, the vessel that supplies the optic nerve with blood becomes blocked. The result: blindness. "Fortunately, such cases are extremely rare. I am not yet aware of the occurrence of blindness in Germany, but the risk does exist - the consequences of a hyaluronic acid operation should therefore by no means be underestimated," explains Koeller-Bratz.

Around 148 cases with serious complications are known worldwide [3]. A number that does not seem high compared to the millions of uses of hyaluron fillers. "However, if you think about the fact that the possible consequences are usually not treatable under non-medical treatment, the advantages and disadvantages of such an intervention should be carefully weighed," appeals Koeller-Bratz.

It starts with a severe headache and can end with loss of vision. If the hyaluronic acid treatment is incorrect, it is necessary to react quickly. "If, after the appearance of disturbing symptoms, no treatment with the antidote hyalase, which dissolves the acid in the body, follows, this can cause serious consequences in less than 90 minutes," says Koeller-Bratz.

Since the judgment of the Higher Regional Court Karlsruhe on February 17th, 2012, the hyaluronic acid treatment for beauticians and non-medical staff is prohibited. Because in the event of complications, anatomical knowledge must be available in order to use the antidote precisely. Experienced doctors can recognize unforeseen symptoms quickly and usually treat them effectively. Every intervention should therefore be carried out with the utmost care [4].

Forever young: treatment botched with serious consequences

But despite the risks, business with dubious offers is booming. Duygu Ö. picked up the syringe. As a supposed alternative practitioner, she injected customers with hyaluronic acid into various parts of their face - with serious consequences. Swelling, pain and sleepless nights became a consequence for many of their patients. She administered the hyaluronic acid preparations to her patients in hotel rooms and private apartments. It turned out to be a lucrative business. Your earnings from the illegal treatments are estimated at around 1.3 million euros. Two years ago, the fraudster had to answer in court. The result: a two-year prison sentence [5].

Patients who turn to dubious providers run an incalculable risk, says Koeller-Bratz. "Anyone thinking about hyaluronic acid treatment should in any case turn to specially trained and reputable providers. When searching for a suitable doctor, patients should refer to the specialist title" Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery "or the license from the German Society for Aesthetic Botulinum and Filler Therapy (DGBT). Personal preferences and needs should be in the foreground when giving advice. "

Miss Dr. Koeller-Bratz also recommends that patients inform themselves about the study status of the hyaluronic acid preparation used before an operation. One thing is certain: Anyone who undergoes a popular hyaluronic acid treatment for purely aesthetic reasons should be aware of the possible consequences.

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